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According to Dr. Stuart Shanker, the foundation of self-regulation is the feeling of calmness and safety that children experience with their parents. That’s why the MEHRIT Centre is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new magazine for parents.

Each issue of Self-Reg Parenting will be packed with helpful and readable content on how to use Shanker Self-Reg® to manage family stress, maintain caring, healthy relationships and deal with the challenges of parenting.

Self-Reg Parenting is a great resource for individual parents and also for educators looking for tools for engaging parents and caregivers in their school-based Self-Reg initiatives.

Shanker Self-Reg® is a powerful method designed by Dr. Stuart Shanker to help us understand stressors in all their many forms and to learn to manage our energy flow. By understanding children’s stressors parents can learn to support their children’s healthy development and address the root causes of many behaviour problems.

And by understanding and managing their own stress, Moms and Dads can help themselves become the more relaxed, happy and confident parents they’d like to be.

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What will you find in Self-Reg Parenting?

  • Articles that help Moms and Dads understand Self-Reg and use it in day-to-day parenting

  • Content covering a broad range of relevant parenting topics

  • Information on how to recognize and address children’s stress

  • Personal stories that show how parents used Self-Reg to understand and support their children and enhance their own well-being
  • Contributions from many Self-Reg experts including Dr. Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins, Raffi, parents from the Self-Reg community and former Today’s Parent columnist, John Hoffman
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