Self-Reg for Parents

This page contains a collection of Self-Reg resources for parents. You will find courses, groups, and online communities where you can connect with other parents.


Self-Reg Parenting Course

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Gain a whole new understanding of your child’s behaviour and how to respond to it with our video-based Self-Reg Parenting Course designed to help parents apply Shanker Self-Reg® in their day-to-day parenting. Register at any time you like to take the content at your own convenience over a 6-month period.

Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Program| Jan 14

The Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program explores child development from birth to age 10 and is relevant for anyone who has or works with young children, neurodiverse children, challenging children or children with special rights or needs. Learn the core underpinnings of Self-Reg and why we truly believe that there is no such thing as a bad kid.

Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program | Oct 29

Our flagship Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program has been a game-changer for thousands of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. Join Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins as they take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress, including the brain/body stress system, how stress affects children’s behaviour and the importance of relationships in self-regulation and learning. 


Infosheet: Self-Reg for Parents

This Infosheet helps parents recognize signs of stress, discover underlying causes, learn how to implement the 5 steps of Shanker Self-Reg®, and identify next steps on the journey to nurturing happier and healthier children.

Blog: No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

by Stuart Shanker

Children have such different ways of responding to being over-stressed. Some get physically ill. Some get nervous and anxious. Some become…

What is Self-Reg?

Click here for a collection of resources for those who are new to Self-Reg or looking to refresh some of Self-Reg’s core concepts, like the 5 Steps, 5 Domains, energy and tension. 

Self-Reg Parenting Magazines

Available for purchase on our eStore or free on our Co-Reg Community, our Parenting Magazines include a great compilation of Self-Reg parenting stories, head knowledge and graphics.

Supporting My Daughter Through a Big Disappointment: How We Respond to Strong Emotion as a Self-Reg Parent

Susan Hopkins and Stuart Shanker use a situation from Susan’s parenting experience as a teachable moment about the Self-Reg approach to helping children deal with strong emotions.

Blog: Stressors Experienced by Parents Raising "Differently Wired" Children

by Vicki Parnell

All parents want their children to have every opportunity their peers have, and many parents of “differently wired” kids just want our children to be included, to be treated the same as their peers.

Reframe The Behaviour Infographic

This infographic presents a set of techniques for reframing common obstacles in child-parent relationships, favouring constructive methods for stress reduction, meeting needs, and teaching skills.

Blue Brain Red Brain BALANCE is the Key

Self-Reg will indeed make a difference in dealing with problems like explosive behaviour, aggression, defiance, tantrums, persistent crying, bouts of frenzy and constant arguing. But to address these issues we need to learn about the crucial distinction that Self-Reg draws between Blue Brain, Red Brain, and Brown Brain.

Self-Reg Diaries with Susan & Siena Hopkins

Our Executive Director, Susan Hopkins, talks with her daughter Siena about our current situation with COVID-19, how talking with kids helps, and how we can help them (and they can help us) self-regulate.

Behaviour is Communication Graphic

Explore the 5 Domains of Self-Reg (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social and Prosocial) and how being a stress detective can help you pinpoint “why?” and “why now?” that we are seeing unexpected behaviours.

Blog: A Message That All Teens Need to Hear

by Stuart Shanker

Part of the Coronavirus Conversations series, in this blog Dr. Shanker dives deeper into his interactions with his teenage son and how negative scripts guide those “I can’t” interactions. 

Understanding Stress Behaviour for Parents

Infographic: There is a HUGE difference between misbehaviour and stress behaviour. It’s critical for parents to understand this distinction because if we treat them in the same way, it can be worse for the child.

Blog: Thoughts on Parenting While Angry

One of the biggest challenges in raising kids is learning to parent well—OK, reasonably well—when you’re angry. Raising children is inherently emotional. And that means we’re sometimes parenting under the influence of anger and its cousins – frustration, resentment, and irritation. 

SRSS Self-Reg Parent Evening: Parenting Stories From Around the Globe

Join Susan Hopkins and explore a number of parenting stories from around the globe. Talks include:

  • Progress not Perfect – A Parent’s Journey with Jean Clinton
  • Polish Mums – Reframing Expectations with Natalia Fedan
  • Picky, or Stressed Out? with John Hoffman
  • Reframing Cancer with your Child with Gabriela Michaca
  • Cultivating a Deeper Connection – When Kids Feel Seen and Felt with Lisa Pinhorn
  • Parenting Post-Secondary Students in a Pandemic with Vicki Parnell



Self-Reg Parenting Facebook Group

Our Facebook group connects parents who share Dr. Stuart Shanker’s vision of supporting kids to become calm, focused and alert because they’re developing self-regulation (not self-control). A great place to ask questions and connect with like-minded others. 

Co-Reg Community

The Co-Reg Community is an online space bringing together Self-Reggers from around the world. Explore the extensive library of video, graphic and blog content, access the Calm, Alert & Learning audiobook, post in the Co-Reg Community forum, and interact with your peers.


Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life

The foundation of self-regulation is the feeling of calmness and safety that children experience with their parents. Children’s ability to deal with stress in life, whatever its source, stems from the security they experience in their families.

In Self-Reg, Dr. Shanker helps us begin to recognize, not just when our child is becoming disregulated, but what to do about it: the process that will enable us to experience that calmly focused state where learning and growth can occur.  Learning The Shanker Method of self-regulation has an unexpected benefit for us parents. As we come to understand our own hidden stressors and how those impact our brains and bodies, we find science that answers many questions and invites us to have a new gentler lens on ourselves as parents.