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We help parents, caregivers, and organizations working with families learn to read and reframe dysregulated stress behaviour while developing the skills and strategies to support children’s improved self-regulation and overall well-being. Self-Reg gives us the tools to reframe behaviour, co-regulate, enhance resilience, and restore calm, energy, and joy. 


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Our Self-Reg Parenting Book, image of the Self-Reg book alongside international copies (French, German, Chinese & Polish)
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"A child will never learn to ask why about their own behaviour<br />
if their parents have never asked why in relation to theirs." Stuart Shanker


Self-Reg for Parents, father and child sitting on the grass together with shoes off.

Self-Reg for Parents

The ultimate, long-term Self-Reg goal is to help children acquire the necessary understanding of when and how to manage their own energy and tension, so they can adapt to the various stresses of life. But Self-Reg is also personal. If we are going to support our children’s self-regulation we first have to…

Stressors Experienced by Parents Raising “Differently Wired” Children

Stressors Experienced by Parents Raising “Differently Wired” Children

I’m the mother of two young people with multiple “invisible” disabilities, and in my consulting work I support parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These experiences have given me insight into…

Reframing Challenging Behaviour blog icon

“Reframing” Challenging Behaviour

Parents of new babies are forever asking why. “Why is she crying? Is she hungry, wet, scared, lonely, bored?” Since we can’t just ask her, we put on our detective’s hat. We think back to previous occasions, experiment with trial-and-error, ask somebody knowledgeable. Things start to change around the age of three…


Parenting quote from Stuart Shanker: A child or teen will only process our lessons about the<br />
importance of truthfulness, when they feel safe and secure.


No Such Thing As a Bad Kid. Really?

No Such Thing As a Bad Kid. Really?

John Hoffman reflects on Stuart Shanker’s opening talk at SRSS 2023 There's No Such Thing as a Bad Kid For years, Stuart Shanker has maintained that “there’s no such thing as a bad kid.” It’s become one of the big mantras of the Self-Reg framework. But for Stuart it...

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