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Author: Susan Conklin

PAUSE: Why? and Why now? in Self or in Another

Pause for a moment

for a “30-second-holiday”

for a week, a month, a year.

But Pause.

PLAY: Dance the Self-Reg Tango in Five Steps across the Five Domains

on a Dynamic Systems Dancefloor

Read and Reframe: Embrace-Self-Reg and Let-go-of-Self-control

See stress behaviour in lieu of misbehaviour

See with the heart

Read the signs, as subtle and invisible as they may be

Mind-read: facial expression, tone of voice, posture, pallor — Look & Listen.

See the need for being safe & secure

Check-in to see if the PFC is online or off

Social engagement is vital for the Self-Reg dance and for life.

Necessary and unnecessary stressors

Hidden and not-so-hidden stressors

And sometimes hidden right inside our cells and memories

Dig deep… and deeper still

Keep looking and listening and reaching out with a spirit of camaraderie

Try and try again

It’s a process, a dance

And once stressors are detected… transformational.

Reduce: the Stressors

So that energy used to meet the demands of the stressors

May be replenished and homeostasis may be restored

And we may be calm, alert and ready to learn/live/laugh & love.

Reflect: Nurture awareness and mindfulness

Through dyadic relationships

Let awareness

Resonate thru relationships






Respond: nurture mind-body-soul

Cognitive-Biological-Emotional-Social and Prosocial

Be Wild

Nurturing inner spirit

In ways that are true to our selves

Our essence

Our unique being.




En-Light-en Life.

Live ~ Learn ~ Laugh ~ Love.

Run, dance, roam, climb, hike, paddle, wander;

Wonder, ponder, muddle, meander, dream, design, invent;

Sing, scribble, write, paint, sculpt, beat, calculate;

Chat, share, connect, walk/talk, touch, play;

Empathize, compassion-ize, realize, relate.



In whatever way

Nurtures and expresses



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