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In this episode of The Peaceful Parenting Podcast, Sarah Rosensweet sits down with Stuart Shanker to understand our kids’ challenging behavior. They discuss why children act the way they do sometimes and what we can do about it.  
Dr. Shanker explains the 5 domains or areas where stress shows up for us and in our kids’ lives. We discuss how we can be ‘stress detectives’ to help reduce challenging behavior. 

The five domains of Self-Reg include:

  • Biological Domain
  • Emotion Domain
  • Cognitive Domain
  • Social Domain
  • Prosocial Domain

The five practices of Self-Reg are:

  1. Reframe the behavior
  2. Recognize the stressors
  3. Reduce the stressors
  4. Reflect: enhance stress awareness
  5. Restore energy, reduce tension, and build resilience

Listen here, or on your favourite podcast platform.

About The Peaceful Parenting Podcast: Understanding Challenging Behavior

In this episode with Dr. Stuart Shanker on The Peaceful Parenting Podcast, Sarah and Dr. Shanker cover

  • what misbehavior really is (hint: it’s usually stress behavior)
  • how to tell the difference between self-control and self-regulation 
  • the five categories of stressors 
  • trying to tell if misbehavior is intentional
  • tips for parents to help reduce stressors 
  • biggest stressors parents are faced with today
  • looking at the difference between spirited kids versus stressed-out kids
  • exploring the role of sensory issues
  • Dr. Shanker’s advice to his younger parent self

About Sarah Rosensweet

Sarah Rosensweet is a certified peaceful parenting coach, speaker, and educator. She is host of the successful parenting podcast ‘The Peaceful Parenting Podcast.’ She founded Sarah Rosensweet Peaceful Parenting in 2013, through which she offers one-on-one coaching, courses, and community membership. Sarah has helped thousands of families all over the world. They’ve gone from feeling completely overwhelmed with challenging behaviors and feeling frustrated, to saying, “We’ve got this!” 

Sarah lives in Toronto, Canada with her family. Being a mother has been the most meaningful thing in Sarah’s life. Supporting parents and children via peaceful parenting is a close second.