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The Self-Reg Show 

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Spend some quality time with Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins to talk about science, stories and strategies in The MEHRIT Centre’s newest podcast: The Self-Reg Show.

Join Stuart and Susan for a taste of Self-Reg and explore why it is so crucial for the wellness of children, youth and even us adults today more than ever. Shanker Self-Reg® is a framework and a five-step process that can be used by educators, parents, or anyone dreaming about a world where well-being comes first. Tune in every other week to explore how there is no such thing as a bad kid, why we must always ask Why? and Why Now? when it comes to behaviour and so much more.

Welcome to the Self-Reg Show!

The Shanker Chronicles: A Self-Reg Pod

The Shanker Chronicles

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Join the world-renowned psychology and philosophy professor; Dr. Stuart Shanker as he takes us on a journey through the historical, political, scientific and philosophical background of some of the biggest issues of our time.

In this 6-episode season, join Dr. Shanker as he unpacks topics such as Freedom and Constraint, Polarization, COVID-19, Anti-Vaxxers, Shamelessness and Threats to Democracy. Each episode has important lessons for us all, linking back to the Shanker Self-Reg perspective and will shed new light on these important topics.

Quote: "When we take the time to understand with an open heart, open to the science and open to surprises, that's what paves the way for change." Susan Hopkins

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The Self-Reg Show Episode 11: Lessons Learned from Self-Reg Leaders

The Self-Reg Show Episode 11: Lessons Learned from Self-Reg Leaders

Self-Reg Leaders in schools set the tone for the classroom and the school as a whole. They have to be the force of change and guide others through both the triumphs and the challenges that make a school thrive. We never stop our learning journey, and in this episode...