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Learn With Our Incredible Team of Presenters

Whether you are looking for a keynote, a presentation, a workshop or professional development for your team, we have a variety of presenters here at TMC who would love to work with you!

Find inspiration from the example presentations we offer (below) or reach out to with your area of interest and our wonderful client care team will collaborate with you to find the right presenter for you.

An Introduction to Shanker Self-Reg®

Self-Reg is a framework and method for improving self-regulation by understanding and dealing with stress. This webinar will introduce Self-Reg and some of the brain/body science that informs our understanding of stress and how to it. The webinar will also:

  • Explore the difference between misbehaviour and stress behaviour.
  • Introduce the 5 Practices of Self-Reg (Reframe, Recognize, Reduce, Reflect & Restore)
  • Outline how stress affects us across five domains of experience: biological, emotion, cognitive, social and prosocial.

Recommended Presenters: Any of our presenters would be happy to bring an Intro to Self-Reg to your group, we instead recommend presenters based on your context, e.g. for early years we would recommend Susan Hopkins, Crystal Carbino & Angie Rosati. For school boards and staff, we recommend Susan Hopkins or Kim Smith.

    Self-Reg: The Power of Relationships

    Although Self-Reg is often described as a method, it starts with relationships. Human development, self-regulation, social-emotional learning and well-being all take place in the context of relationships. This webinar will introduce concepts such as

    • Co-regulation, the Interbrain and limbic resonance to help participants understand subtle, but crucially important modes of communication that affect caregivers’ capacity to connect and communicate with children.
    • The role of relationships is to help children feel safe, not just safe from physical harm, but also a deep sense of emotional and social safety that is felt in the body as well as the brain.
    • The importance of lending our calm to children.
    Caring for the Caregivers: Personal Self-Reg Strategies for Adults

    Dr. Shanker says, “The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of the critical adults in their lives.” And, indeed, the biggest early lesson from TMC’s online courses was that, while most people come to TMC’s online courses hoping to improve their work with children, the first lesson they learn is the importance of dealing with their own stress. This webinar will show caregivers:

    • How to recognize and address their own stress and well-being.
    • Self-Reg strategies that will help them more consistently be the confident, kind, understanding and effective caregivers they want to be.


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    For those looking to bring self or team-directed Self-Reg learning to their boards, teams or community without a TMC presenter, check out our Self-Reg Professional Learning Series & Parenting Courses:



    Self-Reg Mentoring Banner

    So, you have embarked on your Self-Reg learning journey with us and are starting to apply Self-Reg learning to your context but you could do with that extra support, a Self-Regger to talk to and explore Self-Reg in action with. Mentoring may be right for you!

    Whether you have attended a talk, your team has taken a professional learning series or you are a Self-Reg Champion after taking one of our Certificate Programs and missing the weekly dialogue with fellow Self-Reggers, our Self-Reg mentoring offers non-clinical, 1:1 or team online mentoring with a TMC Team Member.

    Mentoring sessions are a great addition to any presentation or workshop to really make the most of the Self-Reg learning investment for you and your team.

    Email to book.