Vancouver Face-to-Face Seminar: Breaking a Stress Cycle (November 17)

Vancouver Face-to-Face Seminar: Breaking a Stress Cycle (November 17)


Self-Reg Face-to-Face Seminar: Stress Management vs. Breaking a Stress Cycle | November 17, 2017


Stress management is often discussed in terms of adaptive coping. We are taught that stress is a normal part of life and we must learn to cope with it. Yet Self-Reg tells us that stress management is not just a question of coping but also a question of managing energy flow and recovering the energy expended in dealing with stressors. Moreover, coping, which often involves exerting self-control, uses considerable amounts of energy. Therefore, if we can’t reduce stressors and break energy cycles we will be continually draining our energy through coping. This class explores how Self-Reg can help people understand and break a stress cycle, thereby broadening their available tools (beyond coping) for managing stress.


Your day: Begin your day with Dr. Susan Hopkins, Executive Director of TMC, followed by a 4-hour session with Dr. Stuart Shanker. Each module ends with a post-class integration activity. We will provide a fresh, locally-sourced lunch as well as snacks, including vegetarian and vegan options.


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, address TBD


Time: November 17, 8:30AM – 4:00PM
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