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Webinar-Based Professional Learning Series for Teams

The MEHRIT Centre offers two different courses for teams. These six-part courses are all online and webinar-based, so they can be taken from anywhere. Each course is intended for a single school team of up to 25 individuals. The webinars will be available for viewing until the end of the 2019/20 school year (June 2020).

If you would like to use the course for more than the suggested 25 individuals, or for multiple school teams or groups, please contact

Self-Reg Framework 101 

This six-session mini-course is a great way to introduce Shanker Self-Reg® to your team. The 40-minute webinar-based sessions are provided by TMC specialists with a welcome from Dr. Stuart Shanker. The design is intended for learning over six separate sessions to allow time for reflective practice in between each module. The online mini-course is $600 for a single site team.

What’s Included?

  • Module 1: Intro to the Self-Reg Framework and the Shanker Method

  • Module 2:  The Bio Domain 101

  • Module 3:  The  Emotion Domain 101

  • Module 4:  The Cognitive Domain 101
  • Module 5:  The Social Domain 101
  • Module 6:  The Prosocial Domain 101

The Shanker Method 101

This six session mini-course from TMC specialists, with a welcome from Dr. Stuart Shanker, provides teams with an introduction to Dr. Shanker’s Five-Step Self-Reg Method through 40-minute webinars. This mini-course intends to build on PLS 1 but can also be taken as a stand alone option for teams interested in focusing on learning the Shanker Method® as a first area of focus. This method is really the heart of Shanker Self-Reg® and builds on understanding of stressors across the five domains (biological, emotion, cognitive, social, prosocial). The online mini-course is $600 for a single site program.

What’s Included?

  • Module 1:  What is Self-Reg?: The Framework and the Shanker Method

  • Module 2: Read and Reframe the Behavior

  • Module 3: Recognize the Stressors

  • Module 4: Reduce the Stressors

  • Module 5: Reflect: Enhance Stress Awareness
  • Module 6: Respond: Develop Personal Strategies for Resilience and Restoration

As the Self-Reg eSchool is a web-based learning environment, the following technical requirements must be in place to ensure optimal performance and accessibility.


  • A desktop computer or laptop is required

  • Tablets (e.g., iPad, Surface) and smartphones are not recommended

  • Speakers (or headphones, ear buds, etc.) are required

Internet Connection

  • A high-speed internet connection is required

Internet Browsers

Although we cannot guarantee the reliability of a given browser, there are two that we do recommend:

  • Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  • Apple Safari (Mac)

It’s highly recommended that the latest version of the software be installed.

Additional Requirements

Please ensure you have JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer and cookies enabled on your internet browser.

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Onsite Workshops for Teams

Face-to-Face Self-Reg Presentations

TMC has a fantastic team of Self-Reg certified presenters available for a range of interactive sessions to help your team learn about the brain, stress, and self-regulation. Whether you are looking for an introduction to Shanker Self-Reg™ or a deeper look into Self-Reg Havens, Mental Health, or Parenting, we would love to come out and share Self-Reg knowledge with you team. 
Contact for more information and pricing on a face-to-face offering for your context.