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This graphic, by educator Kristin Wiens takes us a little deeper into practice two of Shanker Self-Reg®: “Recognize the stressors.”

When we can see that someone is highly stressed, it’s not always easy to tell exactly what is causing the stress. Even when there is a stressor that is readily apparent, chances are that other stressors are also part of the mix.

Stressors in each of the five domains  can multiply the impact of the obvious stressor. Or they can make a stressor out of a stimulus that wouldn’t normally cause negative stress. Thus, we need to do some detective work; to look deeper.

While there is no ready-made perfect formula for stress detecting this graphic offers useful ideas about where to start.  It also makes some key points that remind us of some of the impacts of excess stress on children’s (and our own) brains and bodies, and hence, our behaviour, moods and learning. 

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