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When we think of good stress management the word coping often springs to mind, instead of reducing stressors. Yet coping has traditionally implied a kind of self-control—powering our way through stressful periods with “grit’ and “fortitude.” That kind of coping may be necessary at times. The problem is, it burns energy.

Saving Energy By Reducing Stressors

This is why “Reduce the Stress” is one of the 5 Practices of Self-Reg. We’ll never eliminate all stress (nor would we want to!). However, learning to identify all the stressors that contribute to our overall load and how to reduce some of them, will leave us with more brain/body energy for positive pursuits like social engagement, learning and navigating daily tasks and challenges.

Today’s Question

What have you learned about how to tell which of your stressors can and cannot be reduced? 

In the comments below share your insights about reducing stress, including not just large stressors, but also the small and irritating ones, and the hidden stressors that you may not have recognized before.

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