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Canada Day is traditionally a time to celebrate and feel the pride of Canada’s nationhood. We are indeed lucky to live in this country, but the recent revelations about unmarked graves at former residential school sites have made many people feel that celebrating national pride in the way we usually do just doesn’t feel right this year. So TMC will not be observing Canada Day 2021 as the usual joyful celebration. Instead we see this Canada Day as a day to reflect, as engaged and honest citizens, on this legacy of residential schools, which although tragic, shameful and uncomfortable to think about, is a part of our past that we must acknowledge, understand and learn more about.

Non-Indigenous people may wonder about the best way to do this, and also participate meaningfully in the movement towards truth, reconciliation and healing. We at TMC can’t claim to know the answer to those question, although we believe a good way to start is by listening to the knowledge and stories of Indigenous people, who are the most important knowledge keepers on this aspect of our history. We invite everyone to watch and listen to Chief Delorme’s wise and gracious statement, which is a restorative way to spark our learning about these important issues and consider his calls to action.

The part of the statement we are referencing begins at 3:11. Here is the link: 

Resources referenced by Chief Delorme:

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Calls to Action