The Journal of Self-Reg

Volume 1, Issue 1


Inspired by questions arising from our communities, the first issue of Reframed focuses on an intensive review of existing literature in the following five areas: the domains of stress, the transition conditions between positive and negative stressors, Self-Reg reframing, Self-Reg in practice, and a review of Self-Reg measures. The overarching goal is to reframe existing research from a Self-Reg perspective, to determine what we already know and what we need to focus on next.

Sparking Reframed: A Letter from the Editor
  Stuart Shanker

Hide and Seek: The Challenge of Understanding the Full Complexity of Stress and Stress-Reactivity
  Stuart Shanker and Travis Francis

Good Stress Gone Bad: Transition Conditions in Transforming Stress from Negative to Positive
  Stuart Shanker and Elizabeth Shepherd

Self-Reg and Reframing
  Stuart Shanker and Casey Burgess

Reframing: A Literature Review
  Casey Burgess

Masking Stress with Misbehaviour: A Shanker Self-Reg® Lens
  Susan Hopkins and Elizabeth Shepherd

Self-Regulation, Self-Control, and the Practice of Shanker Self-Reg®
  Susan Hopkins, Stuart Shanker, and Rebecca Leslie

Examining the Measures: Review of Self-Reg Components Captured in Current Measures Labelled “Self-Regulation”
  Daisy Pyman and Brenda Smith-Chant

Measuring the Biological Foundations of Self-Reg: Psychophysiological Assessments of the Stress Response
  Casey Burgess and Brenda Smith-Chant

Volume 2, Issue 1


  Stuart Shanker

Sensory Over-Responsivity, Attachment, and Self-Regulation: Considerations of the Specific Impact of Auditory Stimuli
  Jennifer Jo Brout, Roianne Ahn, and Madeline S. Appelbaum

Reframing Autism Spectrum Disorder: ASD through a Neuropsychological Lens
  Casey C. Burgess

Reframing High Math Anxiety: Avoiding the Perils of a Victorian Paradigm
  Stuart Shanker

On the Brink of Peril and Promise: Renewing the Moral Imperative for Transformation in Education – The Ontario Context
  Stefani Burosch

Guiding SRI: An Interview with Executive Director Dr. Lisa Bayrami
  Brenda Smith-Chant

Self-Regulation, Self-Control, and the Practice of Shanker Self-Reg®
  Susan Hopkins, Stuart Shanker, and Rebecca Leslie

Quote from Stuart Shanker: REFRAMED: The Journal of Self-Reg seeks to capitalize on the excitement that Self-Reg has generated to stimulate the sort of massive effort required for a new paradigm to take shape and to take hold.

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