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Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Offerings

The Self-Reg Foundations Certificate is a four-course, online program designed and delivered by Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins and delivered on our eSchool. The program leads to certification in Shanker Self-Reg™ upon completion.

You can register for the Full Certificate Program, or for each course individually.

Our next cohort begins January 5th, 2017


Self-Reg New Year, Calmer You Challenge

Self-Reg New Year New You Challenge

Learn how to recognize your stressors, reduce stress, become more stress-aware, and figure out personal strategies for coping and most importantly, restoring your energy. Through this program, you can get support and learn about Self-Reg for 30 Days. You can choose your start date, anytime throughout the month of January 2017. Options are available for individuals and teams.


Webinar Series 2016


Series 1: Self-Reg & The Epidemic of Epidemics

There are 28 phenomenon labelled as epidemics that we uncovered in the peer reviewed literature. Dr. Shanker is exploring 10 of the identified “epidemics” one-by-one in this Webinar series. Topics include anxiety, bullying, ADHD, depression, illiteracy, learning disorders, obesity, declining resilience, sleep deprivation and truancy.


Series 2: Self-Reg Cog Corner with Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant

In Series 2, Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant discusses Self-Reg and Cognition. Topics include math, literacy, academic achievement, procrastination, and much more.


Series 3: The Reflective Parent: In Support of Self-Reg Parenting with Dr. Stuart Shanker

In Series 3, Dr. Shanker focuses on Self-Reg Parenting and working with parents of children across a variety of age groups and contexts.

Parent Self-Reg Portal

The Parent Self-Reg Portal is a moderated online community for parents interested in exploring The Shanker Method™ of Self-Reg through short videos from Dr. Stuart Shanker and many others working with families and self-regulation. Parent Portal has a discussion forum and members have a private ePortfolio area to gather their favourite content.


Portal Plus

Self-Reg Portal Plus is an online community for people interested in exploring Shanker Self-Reg™ with Dr. Stuart Shanker, and an INCREDIBLE community of Self-Reg dedicated people working in a variety of related fields and contexts, including: the early years, K-12 education, post-secondary, health services, community services, and folks just interested in learning more.


Team Portal Plus

Access to the Portal Plus site for 2-5 users (single site).


Team Portal Plus (15)

Access to the Portal Plus site for 15 users (single site).


Enterprise Portal Plus

Access to the Portal Plus site for up to 100 users (multiple sites, single organization).