Self-Reg Resources

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We offer a variety of free resources to support your learning of Shanker Self-Reg®! Explore our printable info sheets, visual infographics, Self-Reg tools, podcasts, videos and more.

Info Sheets

Infographics & Visuals


Self-Reg Books

Resources for Parents

Multimedia Resources

Info Sheets:

The Shanker Self-Reg® Info Sheets Knowledge Series is an ever-growing collection of printable, shareable information sheets and reading guides based on blogs and other materials developed by Dr. Shanker and The MEHRIT Centre Team.

Infographics & Visuals:

We offer several infographics explaining various aspects of Shanker Self-Reg, as well as visual posters and graphics free for download and use in clasrooms or homes.

Self-Reg Toolkit:

Our updated 2017/18 school Toolkit includes various tools that can be used to help schools and teachers infuse Self-Reg through their day-to-day practice and assess their Self-Reg progress and learning.

Multimedia Resources:

We also offer free videos, a Self-Reg song, and a series of Self-Reg Schools Conversations available in podcast form.

Resources for Parents:

In addition to our Info SheetsInfographics & Visuals, and Toolkit, which are available to everyone, we also offer two special resources designed especially for parents: the Self-Reg Parenting Facebook group and the Self-Reg Parenting magazine.

Co-Reg Community:

The Co-Reg Community is a warm and socially interactive place for Self-Reggers to connect online. You get to discuss and share with like-minded friends (and connect with new friends), have access to an extensive library of Self-Reg resources and videos, and be a part of something special.

Of the four Shanker Self-Reg® journeys, which one best fits with your Self-Reg vision and goals?


Self-Reg is an area of interest to your organization


Self-Reg is developing in some area(s) of your organization’s work


Self-Reg is infused in many areas of your organization’s work that you are linking together


Self-Reg is your foundational framework through which ALL else is framed