Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators 2016-05-21T13:56:27+00:00

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators must be seen as the vanguards of a society’s future wellbeing. By guiding children through the five steps of Self-Reg, educators are enhancing a child’s capacity to manage the many stressors they will encounter in their lives.


Services Available for Early Childhood Education

TMC Consulting Services available to support Early Childhood Education Self-Reg Initiatives include:

  • Customized Self-Reg consulting to support locally defined goals and priorities
  • Self-Reg 5 Domain Environmental Scans
  • Demonstrations Site Development Support
  • Organizational alignment analysis through a Self-Reg lens with policy alignment support services
  • Self-Reg communication materials and development services customized for your stakeholders

For more information send an email to: info@self-reg.ca