K-12 Education

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Kindergarten – Grade 12 Education

Self-Reg sees the goals of primary and secondary school education in the same manner as the pioneers of universal education. Our goal is to produce an enlightened and thriving citizenry, with both the will and the ability to sustain a strong and vibrant nation. Schooling provides us with a unique opportunity to build such a capacity in all of our children and youth.


TMC Consulting Services for K-12 Self-Reg Initiatives include:

  • Customized Self-Reg consulting to support locally defined goals and priorities
  • Self-Reg 5 Domain Environmental Scans
  • Demonstration Site Development Support
  • Systemic alignment analysis through a Self-Reg lens with policy alignment support services
  • Self-Reg communication materials and development services

For more information send an email to: info@self-reg.ca