Licensing & Accreditation

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License Options

The Shanker Method™

This license applies to Specialists who intend to practice The Shanker Method as part of the service offerings.

Clinicians and other Practitioner Specialists will be licensed from various contexts and drawing from a range of backgrounds in education, health, family and community support professions.  The intention here is for TMC to recognize the trained experts in The Shanker Method and be able inform others of those licensed as individual practitioners of Dr. Shanker’s Method.

More information is coming soon for Shanker Self-Reg™ practitioners who are interested in seeking a license in The Shanker Method™ from Dr. Shanker. See the Self-Reg Foundations Certificate for information on the training minimum required for licensing.

Shanker Self-Reg™

This license applies to organizations.   There are many individuals and organizations offering professional learning, consulting and other services in the area of self-regulation and we are really pleased about this (it is a sign of the Paradigm Shift).  The purpose of this license is to allow TMC to have some control over the fidelity of use of Dr. Shanker’s Self-Reg 5 Domain Framework and Method and in turn allow others to be able to discern a Shanker Self-Reg™ licensed organization for professional learning and consulting services.

Accreditation Option for Institutions/Organizations

For any organization interested in working towards accreditation in Shanker Self-Reg™, TMC provides criteria and a process.

Many people ask for exemplars of good practice in Shanker Self-Reg™. We want to be able to share examples of diverse contexts of Self-Reg Organizations and discern which of these  have found their way to the full foundations of becoming a Self-Reg Haven and to recognize those organizations.