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The Self-Regulation InstituteSelf-Regulation Institute

In 2016, Dr. Stuart Shanker founded the Self-Regulation Institute (SRI), a sister organization to The MEHRIT Centre. SRI is a not-for-profit charitable organization, based at Trent University, under the direction of an esteemed and diverse board of directors.

SRI was created to study self-regulation in its many aspects, and conduct applied and community-based research on the effects of practicing self-regulation. The purpose of SRI is to support health and wellness in children, youth, and adults by supporting, conducting, interdisciplinary research on self-regulation in any of the five domains of well-being: biological, emotion, cognitive, social, and prosocial. SRI is also dedicated to sharing research in meaningful and impactful ways.

As part of this knowledge sharing initiative SRI publishes its own biannual, peer reviewed, on-line, open access journal Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg. SRI also maintains a strong social media presence and is the caretaker of Research Blogging, a widely and internationally followed interdisciplinary site that shares blogs about peer reviewed research, including self-regulation research.

Visit the SRI website here