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The Self-Regulation Institute

The Self-Regulation Institute (SRI) is an organization under development that will support applied and community-based research on self regulation and the sharing of knowledge.

SRI supports the development of real-world applications that promote the development of optimal self-regulation in learning environments by providing research expertise and resources.

The information gathered as a result of these applied and community-based projects is then shared in publicly available resources that are appropriate for the research community, educational professionals (e.g. teachers, early childhood educators, professional learning experts), and the general public.


Research Priorities for the Self-Regulation Institute:

Primary research project guidelines:

  1. Projects that directly fulfill the Self-Regulation Institute mission
  1. Projects that support communities/organizations/individuals to implement, assess, and promote self-regulation from a multi-domain perspective

Supportive Research Activities:

  1. Development of a self-regulation research database
  2. Development of a research website
  3. Literature Reviews

Research Dissemination Activities

  1. Empirical publications