SRI Self-Regulation Institute

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SRI Self Regulation Institute

In 2016, Dr. Stuart Shanker founded the Self Regulation Institute (SRI) a not-for-profit charitable organization at Trent University. SRI’s mission is to enhance the health and wellbeing of children, adults, and communities through integrative research steered by the innovative Self-Reg model. The organization is under the direction of Dr. Shanker, Science Director, and Dr. Lisa Bayrami, Executive Director, and its vision is informed by an International Research Advisory Board comprised of world-renowned scientists and thought leaders and our research is inspired by our communities.

SRI is committed to conducting and sharing interdisciplinary Self-Reg research in innovative, meaningful, and impactful ways. SRI conducts and supports basic, applied, and community-based research; disseminates evidence-based information on self-regulation; and encourages and supports initiatives designed to promote self-regulation in communities and organizations.

SRI publishes its own biannual, peer reviewed, on-line, open access journal Reframed: The Journal of Self-Reg, hosts weekly podcasts on Voiced Radio and a monthly webinar series BrainWaves on YouTube,, maintains a strong social media presence, and is the caretaker of Research Blogging, a widely and internationally followed interdisciplinary site that shares blogs about peer reviewed research, including self-regulation research.

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