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Historically,  adult/child relationships were based on an imbalance of power. In the past 50 years we’ve begun to gradually move away from that, giving kids more rights, flexibility and say in their own lives. But we are still influenced by an ages-old self-control mindset that tells us we need to have power over kids.

This graphic, by educator Kristin Wiens,  offers some fresh and wise thinking about power and the importance of finding positive ways to give kids “power” that is not a threat to us. This thinking is compatible with Self-Reg. When we support kids to understand and manage stress we are actually giving them a sort of power that will benefit them throughout their lives. Moreover, we adults feel the need to exert and preserve power most strongly when we are stressed. So learning to manage our own stress will reduce our perceived need for power. That will help us build better relationships and avoid energy-draining power struggles.

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