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Seeking Advisors to Join our Team

June 2021


Over the past 6 years The MEHRIT Centre (TMC) has worked to help parents, educators, and organizational leaders to understand and address the impact of excess stress on children’s development, learning, well-being and resilience using the Shanker Self-Reg® framework.

We believe equity and inclusion should and must be at the heart of our work in supporting every child, youth, adult and community.

We want to counter the deterministic thinking[1] that clouds our perspectives of children and youth and contributes to trajectories that limit ability to reach that potential. As we continue our path to embracing what our Founder and Visionary, Dr. Stuart Shanker, describes as a Just Society [2], we acknowledge that we have much to learn, both as an organization and as individuals.

We are looking to engage a circle of independent contracted advisors with relevant professional and lived experience in one or more of the following areas to help us unearth, reflect on, and act upon “what we don’t know” and the ways in which we can grow and support equity and inclusion for all in these areas

(Listed alphabetically) 

  • 2SLGBTQI+ and gender diversity and rights
  • Anti ableism and disability rights
  • Anti-bias and anti-oppression
  • Anti-black racism
  • Anti-Indigenous racism and Indigenous ways of knowing
  • Honouring youth voices
  • Rights of neurodiverse individuals

We would like these advisors to:

  • Assist us with seeing and understanding current societal issues from their perspectives.
  • Help us to identify and unpack our personal, group, and systemic identities, biases, privileging in all areas of our work
  • Help us shape our equity and inclusion lens and inform our work
  • Knowledge share as we ask questions and navigate challenges
  • Guide us through thinking about complex problems
  • Tell us what we are missing and think we need to know, and we will listen

Advisors would be contracted to:

Meet with the executive team which we foresee being 3-5 hours monthly with each session being on average 90 minutes. This would be done via zoom and are happy to work within the advisor’s schedule.

We are offering an advisory rate of $75 to $100 hourly.


Interested parties are invited to submit their interest with CV and cover letter via email to including their areas of advocacy and expertise.

Requests for more information can be submitted to

We thank all who apply for their interest; however only those advisors selected for further discussions will be contacted.


[1]  Shanker, S (2019) The Power of Paradigms Psychology Today

[2]   Shanker, S. (2020) Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society University of Toronto Press ISBN 9781487506315