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Do you sometimes struggle to connect with others? Have you ever looked back and thought, “I didn’t handle that very well”? And you could have changed a whole situation by being more in-tune with someone else?

But how can this happen? You’re not a bad person, you care for others, so why does our ability to connect break down sometimes?

This is where the Interbrain comes into play. Listen as Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins guide us through this system for how our brains connect to one another. Learn how to unlock the power of relationships and how a breakdown in this system is a signal for us to take care of ourselves. Stay to the end for important lessons for maintaining relationships in our parenting and our work.

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Episode Quotes

“So that struck me as a really, really interesting question. What would turn off or block the interbrain? And the answer was pretty clear. The answer was excessive stress will block the interbrain or excessive dopamine will block the interbrain.”

“The interbrain stays with us. So we’re always going to have an interbrain connection with our kids.”

“So we now know that stress reduces our awareness of the other’s interbrain of the other’s, what the other’s feeling, we become, we get locked into ourself.”

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