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We have all heard the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup” but what does it mean to us as Self-Reggers? What does it mean for us as parents, educators, carers, and guardians of all kinds?

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins as they reveal the true importance of our own restoration. Listen as Dr. Shanker takes a very literal approach to this question with a “Self-Reg lens on Coffee”. Learn how you can refill your cup and how Self-Reg shows us the pathway to being happy and healthy.

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Episode Quotes

“We all want the same thing. We want to feel healthy and happy. And that’s why we did today’s podcast. We want to give you that pathway to feeling happy and healthy.”

“For all of you out there saying, you know, “I’m too busy. There’s too many things and everybody needs me”. It is not selfish. It is not a selfish thing to take time for yourself and you have to be realistic. But where can you? What can you do? And that’s actually a generous thing to the people you love.”

“Have you ever noticed that when you have that cup of coffee, you really feel a bit more motivated, you feel a bit more empowered? And that’s the effect of dopamine. And there’s been some wonderful neuroscience written about this, about how the effect here is really very similar to the effect of heroin.”

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