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We have all heard the “cup half full” vs “cup half empty” debate. We have even discussed what to do to refill your cup and get back to restoration on this very podcast. But what can you do if you feel your cup is broken? What do you do if no matter what you try, you can’t seem to restore your energy?

Join us as Susan Hopkins takes a personal journey with Dr. Stuart Shanker. Listen as they discuss what you can do when you’re doing all the right things, but you still just can’t seem to restore. Learn as they unravel the science behind Susan’s recent experiences with a dysfunctional anxiety system. At the end of this important episode, find out what we can all do to help us get back to calm and restoration, no matter the condition of your cup.

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Episode Quotes

“But what do we do when, if you’re  like me, you’re doing most of the right things, you have rough days, you have rough moments you know. But you’re doing most of the right things, I really am, thanks to Self-Reg I know what to do, and I really understand how to navigate that, but what do we do when that’s still not enough?”

“So, when that glass is cracked, your cup is broken, when it feels like Self-Reg isn’t enough to break the cycle, what do I do? I reach out.”

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