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“You are the energy that you have”.

At some point, we’ve all experienced burnout. What if there were ways to regulate our energy to manage, or even avoid it? Could we self-regulate our energy in order to feel younger?

Join Stuart and Susan as they dig deeper into the brain’s energy mechanisms and reframe the concept of burn out. They chat about the orexin system to help you understand how the body biologically handles our energy levels, how our brains interact with sugar, and strategies to restore.

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Episode Quotes

“The truth is that we actually don’t plan any of the videos (podcasts) we do a whole lot in advance. We certainly have a conversation about them, but I never title anything with Stuart until I’ve had a chance to do it because it always leads in some different directions. So it’s actually part of the joy for me. Maybe just regulating for some of you but it shows you that I’m literally on the learning journey with you and looking to see where Stuart’s gonna take us next.” Susan Hopkins

“And there’s a whole big movement going on right now in neuroscience called Brainflammation, inflammation in the brain. And so what you’re doing when you are restoring your energy is you are reducing inflammation in the brain and in the body.” Stuart Shanker

“We’ve got this state – this burnout state, which is telling us that three things have happened. One, our stress has been too high. Two, we’ve relied on things that do not give real energy. They only give a short term boost, and then we ended up worse. And three, we’re not getting the things that we need. This is step three of Self-Reg, which is reduce the stress, reduce the stress load, and there’s various ways that you do that.”

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