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Self-Reg Leaders in schools set the tone for the classroom and the school as a whole. They have to be the force of change and guide others through both the triumphs and the challenges that make a school thrive.

We never stop our learning journey, and in this episode of The Self-Reg Show, Stuart and Susan reflect on the lessons they’ve learned over the years from Self-Reg Leaders.

They also celebrate the many different versions of Self-Reg Leaders; from principals to bus drivers, and how each one can have a lasting impact on the self-regulation and wellbeing of our children.

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Episode Quotes

“I was struck by how you know, in one school the leader was the custodian. In another it was the receptionist in another it was one of the school bus drivers. And in many, it was the principal, that’s absolutely true, but it wasn’t only the principal”.

“What I have noticed is the Self-Reg Leaders are listening to the kids’ voice. They are listening to what Susan said right at the start today. They’re listening to those limbic utterances, and the ones that are doing it the best, they’re the ones who realize these are just kids”.

“Where do I start? Start by learning a bit of the science, learning a bit more so that you can recognize stress behaviour, so that you can recognize when you slip into self-control”.

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