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We’re living in a stress society and it’s having a profound effect on all of our lives.

On this episode Stuart takes us on a very personal journey about his son’s relationship with polarization and demagoguery and how Self-Regulation helped Stuart connect with him on these difficult subjects.

Stuart and Susan also explore “choosing vs reacting” and how this discussion can help us reframe some of the frightening actions we’re seeing in our world.

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Episode Quotes

“These podcasts are sort of an opportunity for Susan and myself to talk about the kinds of things that we all worry about, all of us. This morning I read the news and read about the shootings in the US, when someone pulled into their driveway… our goal is to relax a little bit and look at how Self-Reg looks at precisely the things that Susan just mentioned.”

“What I want my son to do is discover his own values.”

“I want to trust this deep human capacity for compassion, for kindness, in all of us.”

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