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This episode brings in a very special guest: Self-Reg expert Cathy Lethbridge.

Join Susan and Cathy as they chat about Cathy’s role as principal to a new school and the Self-Reg strategies she’s implemented. Hear about how Cathy has modelled her Self-Reg teachings in order to help Co-Regulate both her staff and students. Cathy also shares her Self-Reg “ah-ha’s!” she’s collected along her journey.

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Episode Quotes

“I think the big aha for me was that, you know, you can’t expect your new school that hasn’t been on a Self-Reg journey to be where your last school was when you left.”

“And then you get to a certain point, things change. And people get along better and kids get along better and things get done and there’s less tension in the building and all of those things you know that you go back to.”

“Like when Stuart says, you know, you can feel a Self-Reg Haven when you walk in.”

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