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Self-Reg is for everyone and its capacity for positive impact is unlimited

Originally written in 2019

I’m a Special Education teacher in MIssissauga, Ontario and mom of 2 fabulous neurodiverse kids. One of my children has struggled greatly with her self-regulation over the years. Shanker Self-Reg is a huge part of how I keep myself, my loved ones, and my students calm, alert and ready for anything!

Why Self-Reg

Self-Reg has both provided answers and is in itself the answer to the daily struggles faced by my family, students and of course myself.

Big Picture

To see the true power of Self-Reg put your learning into practice. Self-reg works for EVERYBODY regardless of age. Self-Reg lights the path to hope, which may seem hard to find in today’s world.

Process at this Point

My Self-Reg journey began when I attended a workshop put on by my school board. I was interested in learning more and this led me to the TMC website, portal, and eventually to taking all 4 Foundations courses to further my understanding and refine my Self-Reg practice. I’m currently waiting to start the Facilitator’s program and to sharing more about my own journey as a teacher and a parent.

Understanding the science behind the triune brain allows me to reframe misbehaviour as stress behaviour. Science has explained so much of my own challenges with overeating, to understanding the causes behind the negative bias we see everywhere in today’s world. I see Self-reg as the answer to most of the problems facing our overstressed world.


My daughter had serious struggles in elementary school and demonstrated concerning stress behaviours. Self-Reg helped me to see her with ‘soft eyes’ and be more effective in responding to her needs, while at the same time encouraging her to understand her own Self-Reg.

Fond Memory

I have fond memories of learning from my foundations courses and along with my co-learners. I have also enjoyed sharing my learning with others interested in Self-Reg.


I have hope every time I see the power and peace of Self-Reg in action!