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“Doing” Self-Reg is an ongoing, lifelong process of learning about stress, stressors, stress behaviour and how to reduce stress and restore energy, along with inter-related practices for maintaining a healthy energy/tension balance. There are many Self-Reg lessons learned along the way.

Bumps along the way

Thus, learning Self-Reg usually entails some trial and error and even some struggles at times, as we encounter ideas that are perhaps tricky to understand at first, or which challenge with our long-held ideas and practices.

Today’s Question: 

What’s the one Self-Reg idea or teaching that really puzzled or confused you on your learning journey?

In the comments below,  share your puzzlements and questions about Self-Reg. If you had those kinds of struggles in the past, and managed to resolve them, feel free to share your “Eurekas.” Or maybe you have a idea to help someone else with their questions.

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