Self-Reg Schools Conversations

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Self-Reg is a framework and method for understanding stress and managing our energy flow in order to promote self-regulation. Educators across Canada, and in other countries, are using the Self-Reg framework to understand and address behaviour, mood and learning problems in students and themselves. The MEHRIT Centre will be holding a series of conversations with Canadian educators on voicEd Radio about Self-Reg and the practice of education. All of these conversations will be hosted by Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins and facilitated by voicEd Radio‘s Stephen Hurley.

Listen to the recorded conversations below or on voicEd Radio here.

Self-Reg vs. Self-Control

There is a profound difference between self-control and self-regulation, says Dr. Shanker. Self-control is about inhibiting strong impulses, while self-regulation is what makes self-control possible (or unnecessary) via managing stress load and recovery in ways that reduce the frequency and intensity of strong impulses. In this podcast, we will discuss how understanding this distinction can revolutionize how teachers view students’ behaviour, emotional and learning problems, as well as how schools, school districts and individual teachers are now using Shanker Self-Reg® to address stress and apparent self-control problems in students (and themselves).

  • Hosted by Dr. Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins | The MEHRIT Centre

  • Facilitated by Stephen Hurley | voicEd Radio

  • Karen Seamone | Social Emotional Learning Coordinator, South Shore Regional School Board, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

  • Ken McNaughton | Administrative Officer, Safe Schools, Durham Region School Board

  • Kristin Wiens | Inclusion Coach, School District 62, Victoria, British Columbia

  • Robert Malowany | Psychotherapist & Counsellor, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario

A Self-Reg Lens on Teacher Stress

Dr. Shanker says, “The well-being of children is inseparable from the well-being of the adults in their lives.” Dr. Susan Hopkins, executive director of The MEHRIT notes that while most teachers come to Self-Reg hoping to better address students’ problems, they are surprised to discover how much their own stress is reduced by practicing Self-Reg. In this podcast, we’ll look at the kinds of stress experienced by educators and how adults can use Shanker Self-Reg® to maintain and enhance their own well-being in order to be in the best possible position to support the well-being of the children they work with.

  • Hosted by Dr. Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins | The MEHRIT Centre

  • Facilitated by Stephen Hurley | voicEd Radio

  • Carol Perry | Faculty Advisor UBCO, Retired School Counsellor & Vice Principal, Vernon, British Columbia

  • Cathy Lethbridge | Principal of Well-Being, Simcoe District School Board

  • Claudio Moschella | Vice-Principal, Burnhamthorpe Public School, Peel District School Board

  • Jay Fedosoff | Principal, Nahani Way Public School, Peel District School Board

Self-Reg and Child and Adolescent Mental Health

An increasing number of today’s students are struggling with serious mood, behaviour or addiction problems, and teachers, who work with these students every day, are on the front lines of the crisis. In this podcast we will discuss the reasons for the increasing number of children and youth with mental health problems, which in Dr. Shanker’s view, is caused by excessive levels of stress. We will also discuss how educators and mental health professionals are using Shanker Self-Reg® to enhance community initiatives to enhance and protect student mental health.

  • Hosted by Dr. Stuart Shanker & Susan Hopkins | The MEHRIT Centre

  • Facilitated by Stephen Hurley | voicEd Radio

  • Dr. Jean Clinton | Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, McMaster University, Special Advisor to the Ontario Minister of Education

  • Dr. Laura Cesaroni | Registered Psychotherapist, Director, Family Education Resource Network, Markham, Ontario

  • Shannon Bailey | Principal, Evergreen Public School, Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, Kenora, Ontario

  • Stefani Burosch | Mental Health Lead, Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington District School Board