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What do we mean in Self-Reg when we say there is no such thing as a bad kid?

Join Susan Hopkins and Dr. Stuart Shanker as they delve into a story Stuart has never told before, unpacking and combining this with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and self-regulation to help parents, teachers and caregivers of all kinds to understand what is going on inside the brain of a “that kid”, their emotional regulation and what it is that can make them so stressed and dysregulated.

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Episode Quotes

“When we take the time to understand with an open heart, open to the science and open to surprises, that’s what paves the way for change.” – Susan Hopkins

“It’s It’s cool creating the foundation, nurturing that foundation, so that now this kid is in a state where they can flourish.” – Stuart Shanker

“But remember, I’m a Self-Regger. And so I always am going to ask, “why?”. Why is he doing this? Why is he justifying this?” – Stuart Shanker

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