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Shanker Self-Reg® Graphic Series

We believe that representing certain concepts visually can be a huge help to some learners. We are happy to provide lots of free resources for teachers and parents here on our website, including infographics, tools, and videos.

On this page, you’ll find our posters, diagrams and other graphics.

#ShankerSaturday and #SelfRegSunday

Our Self-Reg social media series, #ShankerSaturday and #SelfRegSunday are beautiful graphics created by Dr. Shanker and TMC. Both series bring you Dr. Shanker’s “words of wisdom” and practical Self-Reg strategies in visual format. If you are an early childhood educator, a teacher, a social worker, a nurse, an occupational therapist or anyone working to support the well-being of children, teens or families in your community, please feel free to use these graphics. They also make excellent desktop backgrounds and can be shared via social media!

Shanker Saturday Graphics

Self-Reg Sunday Graphics