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The Shanker Self-Reg® Knowledge Series is an ever-growing collection of information developed by Dr. Shanker and TMC.

Full terms of use including copyright restrictions can be found here.  If you are an early childhood educator, a teacher, a social worker, a nurse, an occupational therapist or anyone working to support the well-being of children, teens or families in your community, please feel free to use these resources. If you intend to use our Shanker Self-Reg® Knowledge Series in any other way than described above or to print more than 25 copies of any single document please contact us for permission to copy with an email to

Self-Reg Discussion Guides

Self-Reg Discussion Guide

Self-Reg Discussion Guide


What is Self-Reg?

Understanding Stress Behavior for Teachers

Understanding Stress Behaviour for Teachers

Understanding Stress Behavior for Parents

Understanding Stress Behaviour for Parents

Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control Infographic

Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control

What Is Shanker Self-Reg?

The Steps of The Shanker Method®

What You Need to Know

10 Self-Reg lessons learned

10 Self-Reg Lessons Learned

The Early Years

The Impact of Trauma

Science Backgrounder

5 Domains of Self-Reg

A Parent’s Guide

Myths of Self-Reg

Viewpoints Series

“Diagnosing” Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The Critical Importance of the Fifth Domain

The Joy of Self-Reg

Stress Management as a Distributed Social Phenomenon

Complex Needs of Syrian Refugee Students

Risky Behaviour

The Everyday Process of Research




Schools as Self-Reg Havens

Laying the Foundation for Self-Reg

Expanding Our Understanding of the Meaning of Safe

Self-Reg in Schools and Communities

Adolescence and Self-Regulation

Mindfulness Part One

Mindfulness Part Two

Mindfulness Part Three



Kids Gone Wild