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The Shanker Self-Reg® Knowledge Series is an ever-growing collection of printable, shareable information sheets based on blogs and other materials developed by Dr. Shanker and The MEHRIT Centre Team.

If you are an early childhood educator, a teacher, a social worker, a nurse, an occupational therapist or anyone else working to support the well-being of children, teens or families in your community, please feel free to download or print these resources to share with clients and colleagues. If you intend to use our Shanker Self-Reg® Knowledge Series in any other way than described above or to print more than 25 copies of any single document please contact us for permission to copy with an email to

Full terms of use including copyright restrictions can be found here.

Self-Reg: What You Need to Know

Ces ressources sont disponibles en français à télécharger ici.

The Self-Reg View On Series

Translated Resources

Rúbrica para la Auto-regulación