TMC Talks


Our monthly Twitter chat series, #TMCTalks aims to connect educators, parents, health practitioners and community members together to share knowledge about Shanker Self-Reg™. Taking place for one hour (7:30PM – 8:30PM EST) on the second Wednesday of every month, #TMCTalks is a great way to share knowledge and make a new connection.

With Stuart Shanker hosting and Susan Hopkins facilitating, the monthly #TMCTalks is one of the highlights of our month.  Join us for our next talk on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:30PM.

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Past #TMCTalks

November 2016: Self-Reg and the Day After
View the November Storify here.

October 2016: #TMCTalks cancelled

September 2016: Self-Reg and How to Help Students Stay ‘Calm, Alert, and Learning’
No Storify available.

August 2016: The Need for Self-Reg in an Overstressed World
View the August Storify here.

July 2016: Self-Reg & Parenting with Dr. Shanker & his Self-Reg Team
View the July Storify here.

June 2016: Self-Reg & Surviving Summer Vacation
View the June Storify here.

May 2016: Self-Reg & Adolescent Anxiety
View the May Storify here.

April 2016: Self-Reg & Child Honouring
April Storify is coming soon!

March 2016: Self-Reg & The Spring Thaw
View the March Storify here.

February 2016: Self-Reg: Stress Behaviour vs. Misbehaviour
View the February Storify here.

January 2016: Self-Reg & The Arts
View the January Storify here.

December 2015: Self-Reg & The Season of Good Cheer
View the December Storify here.

November 2015: Self-Reg & Safe Schools
View the November Storify here.