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Self-Reg Challenge

2017 is just around the corner! Many of you may be glad to see the tail end of 2016, a turbulent year full of stressors which impacted us all. TMC’s Self-Reg New Year Challenge will guide you through the steps to lay the foundation for a Calm and Re-energized “New Year You”.

We will explore stressors across all five domains (biological, emotional, cognitive, social and prosocial) and learn the 5 Steps of Self-Reg to deal with these and support others to do the same.

Self-Reg is a powerful method designed by Dr. Stuart Shanker to understand stressors in all their many forms and to learn to manage our energy flow.

Whether January is one of your favourite months of the year, or one of your most challenging, the Self-Reg 30 Day Challenge aims to support you through your transition into the New Year.

What does the challenge include?

  • Choose your start date during the month of January

  • Daily Self-Reg video from Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • Daily choice of options for exploring your personal Self-Reg
  • Daily choice of Self-Reg actions for putting what you learn into practice
  • Access to the Self-Reg Challenge Facebook page for support and inspiration

Here’s how it works:

Choose between:

  • Individual Membership: $95 per person

  • Team Memberships: 

    • Small Team (5-10 members): $125

    • Medium Team (11-20 members): $175

    • Large Team (21 or more members): $250

  • Step 2: Choose your start date

Choose when to start your Self-Reg Challenge, anytime during the month of January.

  • Step 3: Participate daily in the challenge through our Self-Reg eSchool!

Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day for your Self-Reg Challenge time and if you miss a day, just pick up with it the next day – that’s the Self-Reg way!

Each of the 30 days of the Self-Reg Challenge will include:

  • Self-Reg Knowledge: A short video from Dr. Shanker to learn more about Self-Reg

  • Self-Reg Reflecting: Choose one of several options to explore an aspect of your own personal Self-Reg. By the end of the 30 days you will have a really good start on a Personal Self-Reg profile based on the Shanker Method of Self-Reg.

  • Self-Reg in Action: Choose one of several options of action steps you can take to support your own Self-Reg. The “in-action” part of the challenge is about Self-Reg in your everyday life, the practice, and the simple actions you can take to support your own self-regulation individually, as a family, or in your classroom.

Self-Reg New Year New You Challenge

Plus: Join us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SelfRegChallenge for a chance to win special giveaways throughout January!

Ready to take the Self-Reg Challenge?


Free Downloads for the #SelfRegChallenge

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