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30 Day Self-Reg Challenge: Back to School

September is a wonderful month. With the start of a new school year there come new students, new classes, new friendships, new roles and new responsibilities. These changes and new experiences are unique and seen differently by every individual.

Whether September is your favourite month of the year, or one of your most challenging as a professional, Self-Reg can help you identify yours and other’s stress and take steps to bring calm to the new school year.

The Back to School Challenge aims to provide educational professionals with some Self-Reg basics to infuse throughout their day. Each day of the Challenge has 3 parts focusing on head (science), heart (reflection) and hands (action) knowledge, with the aim to help you experience a little bit of Self-Reg every day.

The Challenge starts September 1, and you have access until October 31 to proceed at your own pace.

Current 30 Day Challenge Offering

7 Day Self-Reg Challenge

Extend your learning from one of The MEHRIT Centre’s signature Learn Self-Reg Institutes or Face-to-Face  Seminars or have a brief intro to Self-Reg to kickstart your Self-Reg learning.

Join the TMC team for a follow-up experience that builds on what you learned at the event.

7 Day Self-Reg Challenge

What do the challenges include?

  • Daily Self-Reg video from Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • Daily choice of options for exploring your personal Self-Reg
  • Daily choice of Self-Reg actions for putting what you learn into practice

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Sign Up for the Challenge!

30 Day Back to School Challenge

  • $95 per person

  • Group options available starting at $30 per person

7 Day Self-Reg Challenge

  • $29.95 per person

  • $24.95 per person in groups of 5 or more

  • Step 2: Participate daily in the challenge through our Self-Reg eSchool!

Set aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day for your Self-Reg Challenge time and if you miss a day, just pick up with it the next day – that’s the Self-Reg way!


Each of the 30 days of the Self-Reg Challenge will include:

  • Self-Reg Knowledge: A short video from Dr. Shanker to learn more about Self-Reg

  • Self-Reg Reflecting: Choose one of several options to explore an aspect of your own personal Self-Reg. By the end of the 30 days you will have a really good start on a Personal Self-Reg profile based on the Shanker Method of Self-Reg.

  • Self-Reg in Action: Choose one of several options of action steps you can take to support your own Self-Reg. The “in-action” part of the challenge is about Self-Reg in your everyday life, the practice, and the simple actions you can take to support your own self-regulation individually, as a family, or in your classroom.