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So… You’ve embraced Self-Reg. You’re excited. Self-Reg has made a huge difference in your life and/or your practice. Naturally you want to share this knowledge with others. You feel sure it can help them too.


How do you share your Self-Reg zeal and excitement without coming across like someone pushing the latest new age health fix? Or yet another “program” that is supposedly better than the dozens of programs of methods your friend has already been exposed to? We all like to share our newfound insights and strategies. And well we should. But doing so effectively can be tricky. 

Today’s Question:

What are some good strategies for sharing Self-Reg learning and its transformative benefits with friends and colleagues?

In the comments below, share what you’ve learned about sharing the Self-Reg love. Tell us about approaches that worked for you (or ones that didn’t), and let us know what happened as a result.

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