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SRSS 2024 Program Overview


Wellness in the realm of Self-Reg involves applying the science to actively managing stressors across the 5 domains–biological, emotion, cognitive, social, prosocial–as well as energy and tension levels to restore and sustain overall well-being. It’s not just about feeling okay but understanding and addressing factors that contribute to dysregulation. Self-Reg emphasizes proactive self-awareness, guiding individuals to adopt personalized lifestyle practices that align with Self-Reg principles for maintaining, enhancing, and restoring wellness dynamically.

Inclusion: Incorporating a Self-Reg lens grounds inclusion and belonging in human dignity and genuine experiences while highlighting their scientific underpinnings. At TMC, we infuse every aspect of our work with Self-Reg principles, intentionally shaping environments informed by science and practice. This ensures every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute meaningfully. Within these dynamic Self-Reg Havens, safety, rootedness, balance, feeling capable, and trust are tangible. Embracing diverse perspectives and identities fosters a culture where every individual feels seen, heard, and supported, actively challenging biases and dismantling barriers. This nurtures a community of mutual respect, collaboration, and equity, creating a platform for wellness, resilience, and healthy human development.

Resilience: In the Self-Reg lens, resilience is seen as a dynamic brain-body state, constantly in flux rather than a fixed trait. Understanding the deep brain processes influencing resilience is crucial, often unbeknownst to us. By prioritizing the factors that truly matter and uncovering the triad of biological, social, and psychological factors shaping well-being, we can actively influence this state. Integrating Self-Reg into the equation serves as a transformative force, bridging the missing link in resilience-building efforts. This perspective reshapes how we perceive resilience and provides practical insights for fostering resilience in ourselves and future generations.

Equity: In our resolute pursuit of equity through a Self-Reg lens, we recognize the profound insight shared by Susan Hopkins: that society often privileges those in homeostatic balance. This insight underscores the significance of Self-Reg as a pathway to support an equity lens. We understand that individuals with lighter stress loads, especially adults who support children and youth in our care and classrooms, bear a significant responsibility. Self-Reg equips us with invaluable tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of daily life and to actively support those with heavier stress loads. By embracing Self-Reg principles and practices, we pave the way for a future where every individual, regardless of their stress load, can thrive and contribute meaningfully to a more just and inclusive society.

Development: In the Self-Reg lens, human development is viewed as a dynamic and holistic process, intricately intertwined with the interactions between the brain and body. Rather than a linear progression, it is recognized as a multifaceted journey influenced by various factors such as biological, social, emotional, cognitive, and prosocial domains. Understanding the deep connections within these domains is paramount, as they shape individuals’ well-being and resilience. By prioritizing the factors that truly matter and integrating Self-Reg principles, we can actively nurture healthy human development, empowering individuals to thrive in a constantly changing world.



The Decline of Morality
With Stuart Shanker

Join Stuart Shanker for “Reframing Morality,” a captivating exploration of the roots of morality and its profound implications for our understanding of human behavior. Stuart challenges conventional wisdom by scrutinizing the behavior of mammals through a rigorous scientific lens, devoid of epistemic or moralistic terms. Delve into the fascinating realm of neuroscience as Stuart uncovers the neurobiological basis of empathy, sympathy, and prosocial behavior deeply embedded in the Gray Brain. Learn how ancient survival mechanisms shape our moral instincts and drive our responses to distress in others. Gain insights into the delicate balance of positive and negative sensations that underpin moral development and societal well-being. Discover the critical role of self-regulation in nurturing empathy and compassion, essential qualities for fostering a moral society. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion on the intersection of neuroscience, morality, and human nature, and its profound implications for our collective future.

Nurturing Wellbeing in Children and Youth
With Stuart Shanker

Join Stuart Shanker as he unveils “The Self-Reg Path to Moral Wellbeing,” exploring empathy’s roots and societal implications. Stuart challenges conventional notions of empathy, revealing its mechanistic underpinnings in our Gray Brain’s survival mechanisms. Through neuroscience and animal research, he illuminates empathy’s role in moral behavior, highlighting the importance of self-regulation in nurturing compassion. Explore a Self-Reg reframe on empathy and how to genuinely foster it which in turn shapes responses to distress, gaining insights into nurturing it in today’s disconnected world. This luminary addresses adult concerns about youth moral wellbeing, highlighting the balance between fear and care. Discover practical strategies for finding empathy, enhancing wellbeing, and moral flourishing. Experience hope as science and Self-Reg pave the path forward.

Resilience Uncovered: The Hope, The Hows
With Susan Hopkins

Evolve your understanding of resilience with Susan Hopkins in this luminary talk as she challenges the conventional views of resilience. Contrary to common beliefs, resilience is not a fixed trait that one either possesses or lacks. Instead, it is a dynamic brain-body state in constant flux. Navigate the intricate realm of deep brain processes influencing resilience, often unbeknownst to us. With a deeper understanding, we can embrace and actively influence this state by prioritizing the factors that truly matter. Uncover the triad of factors—biological, social, and psychological—that shape well-being and resilience. Discover the transformative force of integrating Self-Reg into the equation, bridging the missing link. Join Susan Hopkins as she reshapes how we see resilience, providing a practical take on building resilience in ourselves and the next generation.

Radiating Inclusion: A Journey with Self-Reg Across Lifespan
With Sonia Mastrangelo, PhD and Susan Hopkins, EdD

Get ready to be captivated as Susan Hopkins and Sonia Mastrangelo delve into the dynamic world of inclusion through a Self-Reg lens, spanning early childhood education, K-12 schools, post-secondary education, and beyond. Grounded in the five practices and five domains of Self-Reg, they will uncover the secrets to cultivating environments where children, youth, and adults feel and experience the Five Look Fors in their relationships, environments, and lives. Through relatable anecdotes, video clips of student perspectives, an interactive Menti exercise, and insightful science, participants will discover how the Self-Reg framework not only nurtures resilience, well-being, and healthy development, but also ensures that individuals feel capable, rooted, safe, trusted, and balanced across all five domains.  Join Susan and Sonia as they shift us beyond traditional notions of inclusion (that focus only on equal access to opportunities and resources) toward embracing Self-Reg in all we do, say, and embody.

Identity and the Self: The Culture of Regulation
With Rodney Glasgow

The upcoming luminary talk will focus on the dynamics of belonging in education. It aims to encourage a holistic perspective on this critical issue. The discussion will explore the creation of inclusive environments that foster belonging while addressing systemic challenges for fairness and justice. Additionally, it will highlight how inequity disrupts students’ self-regulation and hinder their engagement in educational opportunities. Emphasizing the need for cultural competence and continuous learning among educators, the talk will stress the importance of fostering a culture of openness and support. Overall, it promises to provide practical strategies for creating a more inclusive and equitable educational environment.

The Beginning of the Paradigm Revolution: Envisioning a Bully Free School
With Joel Gunzburg

Self-Reg is for any school, any student and any staff. We strive to make a safe, calm and inclusive school environment, including how to see the needs in a school from a Self-Reg perspective. What are the stressors and how can we reduce them? Kim will explore professional learning with staff and incorporation of Self-Reg into classrooms. A favourite topic of Kim’s is how to work with challenging students even when you’re just getting to know them.

“Self-Reg: Anywhere, Anytime”
With Kim Smith

Self-Reg is for any school, any student and any staff.  We strive to make a safe, calm and inclusive school environment, including how to see the needs in a school from a Self-Reg perspective. What are the stressors and how can we reduce them?  Kim will explore professional learning with staff and incorporation of Self-Reg into classrooms. A favourite topic of Kim’s is how to work with challenging students even when you’re just getting to know them.

“And How are the Adults Today?”
With Cathy Lethbridge

The Masai tribe’s greeting “Casserian Engeri,” meaning “And how are the children?” reflects their belief that children’s well-being is crucial for a prosperous future. But what about the adults’ well-being? Stuart emphasizes that children’s well-being relies on the wellness of the significant adults in their lives. Cathy’s talk will highlight the practical use of Self-Reg for adult wellness, considering the post-pandemic world’s challenges. She’ll discuss the deep Interbrain connection between adults and children, redefine adult “misbehaviour” as stress behavior, and show how Step 5 of Self-Reg, “Restore,” benefits everyone’s wellness.

Reimagining Well-being: A Self-Reg Pathway to Flourishing
With Paula Jurczak

Health and well-being are fundamental to our human experience, guiding us towards a vital and enriched life. Well-being transcends individual happiness; it’s about fostering interconnected havens where safety, rootedness, balance, capability, and trust converge harmoniously. These havens of well-being are diverse, holistic, and empowered by collective knowledge and understanding, supporting individuals across all stages of life.

When we prioritize well-being, we become catalysts for positive change, fostering collective limbic regulation that uplifts everyone. Each interaction, no matter how small, contributes to the cultivation and sustenance of these havens of well-being. By embodying the five Look Fors of a Self-Reg Haven, we nurture resilient communities where well-being thrives for all.

Crystal Carbino

Cracking the Code: Implementing Self-Reg in Early Childhood Settings
With Crystal Carbino

Join Crystal Carbino, a dynamic early childhood educator, as she shares her journey of integrating Self-Reg principles into learning. This session isn’t just theory; it’s about real strategies that work. Discover how Self-Reg shapes pedagogy, transforms learning environments, and strengthens relationships with parents and caregivers. Crystal will also offer insights on working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Let’s dive into Self-Reg in early childhood education, cut through the fluff, and learn how to nurture resilience, inclusion, and well-being in our young learners while rekindling the joy and fulfillment in our role as educators


Expanding Perspectives: Rethinking Child Development Beyond Checklists
With Melissa Pinnell

Step into a transformative session that reimagines child development beyond traditional checklists, guided by the principles of Self-Reg. Join Melissa as she explores how integrating the 5 practices and 5 domains of Self-Reg fosters a holistic understanding of children’s growth. Alongside others, discover the science-aligned and hopeful approach to embracing the complexity of each child’s journey, creating environments that nurture their well-being and potential.


Applied Self Reg: Teaching Young People How to Surf the Waves of Life With Resilience
With Joel Gunzburg

Discover the transformative power of reframing resilience in both educational settings and everyday life. In this session, participants will explore how the human spirit’s flexibility and adaptability can be harnessed to navigate diverse environments and life situations. We’ll delve into the complexities of individual identity, environments, and schemas, recognizing that each equation is unique yet universally understood through the lens of Self-Reg. Attendees will walk away with three actionable strategies to implement in their practice or personal lives as advocates, parents, or stakeholders in youth wellness. Join us as we Reframe for hope, Recognize the equation, and Research your own path to Restoration.


A Mental Health Q & A from a Self-Reg Perspective
With Paula Jurczak

The number of children and youth struggling with mental health challenges continues to increase. We are seeing a sharp rise in microaggressions and the spread of hate. Traditional mental health approaches focus on deficits and ableism. Stigma develops when we view an emotional or mental problem as something that happens to others; stigma decreases when we appreciate that mental health challenges could happen to us or those we care for. Self-Reg looks at strengths, stressors and the neurobiology of brain and body. Send in your questions, bring your curiosity and let’s have an interactive conversation about mental health from a Self-Reg lens. (For information and educational purposes only).


Mentorship for Wellbeing: A Co-Regulating Strategy for Educators
With Teri Rubinoff, Noa Daniel & Christine Chin

Ever thought of mentorship for co-regulation? At The Mentoree, we’re building a supportive mentorship community for educators, grounded in wellbeing, professional learning, and efficacy. We view wellbeing through a Self-Reg® lens because, as we explained in our chapter in the recently published book Mentoring for Wellbeing in Schools (2024), a Self-Reg® approach to mentorship means that Mentors are mindful of their own stress across domains and employ strategies to manage it. They recognize their Mentees’ arousal states and up-regulate or down-regulate as needed. Mentors and Mentees also build relationships that incorporate the five signs of a Self-Reg® haven. Join The Mentoree’s Lead Team for an interactive workshop about the positive impact a co-regulating mentorship relationship can have on your wellbeing. We believe in mentorship for educators throughout their careers and offer insights into developing a mentorship mindset. Discover how our approach extends beyond education as well.


Chaos to Calm: Practical Self-Reg Tools for Learning and Wellbeing
With Crystal Carbino

Join Crystal, a seasoned Early Years Professional and Self-Reg Champion, for a hands-on workshop focused on practical strategies for integrating Self-Reg principles into your early learning context. In this interactive session, Crystal will share her wealth of real-world experiences and insights, emphasizing the importance of adopting a Self-Reg first philosophy in early childhood education, especially when dealing with challenging behaviours. Participants will explore Crystal’s favourite Self-Reg tools and techniques, carefully selected to create calm, alert, and engaged learning environments for young children. Crystal will guide attendees in applying actionable strategies during the workshop that can in turn be implemented immediately, helping them overcome common obstacles and unlock the full potential of Self-Reg. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to learn from a true expert and revitalize early childhood education with Crystal’s transformative insights!

Self-Reg Toolkit: Your SRSS Journey Begins Here
With Susan Hopkins & Your Self-Reg Team

Step into the Self-Reg Toolkit Workshop, where the learning vibe is relaxed, engaging, and tailored to all levels of experience. Dive into a dynamic array of Self-Reg tools and techniques, with plenty of hands-on activities to choose from. Meet the TMC Self-Reg team through a variety of laid-back, interactive mini session options, where their stories and expertise bring Self-Reg principles to life. This isn’t your average workshop—it’s a practical, enjoyable kickoff to the 10th Annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium, designed for real-world application and genuine connection.


Making a Difference for the Students Who Need us the Most
With Kim Smith and Sandy Haliburton

Let’s acknowledge the truth: some children truly struggle, and as educators, we often find ourselves grappling with their challenges alongside them. Join seasoned school administrators Kim Smith and Sandy Haliburton in this Applied Self-Reg Knowledge workshop for a deep dive into real-life stories and an enlightening exploration of how Self-Reg has proven to be a game-changer. Delve into pivotal moments where Self-Reg made all the difference, and learn how you too can make a significant impact—for both yourself and the children and youth in your care. This hands-on workshop transcends mere theory, providing actionable tools to effect real change in the lives of your most challenging students. Join us as we unpack the transformative power of Self-Reg and discover how you too can be a difference maker.


Preparing For Teacher Wellness and Inclusive Practices
With Marie Edwards

How do we prepare educators to manage the stressors inherent with their work with children and youth? What can they learn and how can this be applied? In what ways can inclusive practices be fostered? This presentation shares research conducted with pre-service teacher educators as they prepared to go into their final practicum. It shares what they learned about various theories including and connected to Shanker Self-Reg® through their Healthy Learning Environments course work. We will explore ways they mobilized this learning to support their own well-being and promote inclusive practices for their students.

Procrastination Reframe: How a Self-Reg Lens ‘Cures’ Procrastination
With Brenda Smith-Chant

In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Brenda Smith-Chant (PhD) delves into the complexities of procrastination. Drawing from her extensive research with post-secondary students and insights from Robert Thayer’s Energy-Tension matrix, Brenda explores the diverse motivations behind procrastination. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of procrastination and its individual variations, along with practical strategies and real-life examples to navigate procrastination more effectively in their personal and professional lives. Join us to discover why Brenda sees Self-Reg as a “cure” for procrastination and gain valuable insights and tools from her expertise in the field.



Early Years
With Crystal Carbino and Friends

Join Crystal and a panel of experienced Early Childhood Educators for an engaging conversation as they delve into their journey of Applied Self-Regulation over the past year. Through candid reflections and practical insights, they’ll explore the multifaceted dimensions of promoting wellness, fostering inclusion, building resilience, advancing equity, and supporting holistic development in young children. Gain valuable perspectives and strategies from this diverse group as they share their experiences and lessons learned in nurturing self-regulation in early childhood education settings.


With Susan Hopkins and Friends

Step into a lively exchange with Susan Hopkins and a diverse group of school leaders, educators and support staff, where real stories, practical strategies, and valuable lessons learned take center stage. Together, they’ll share their journeys of integrating Self-Reg into their classrooms and school communities. Get ready to hear about those lightbulb moments, the challenges faced, and the creative solutions found along the way. Whether you’re a principal, a teacher, or part of the support staff, this conversation offers a chance to connect with others who have been in your shoes and come out the other side with insights to share.

Join us for an open and down-to-earth discussion that’s all about learning from each other and finding ways to make Self-Reg work in our schools.



More info coming soon




Join us in person at Trent University July 2-5, 2024. Lunch included.



Join us in person at Trent University July 2-5, 2024 & stay in dorm-style accommodations. Breakfast, lunch & room included.

Note: Dinner will not be provided, but local delivery & restaurants are available.



The online portion of SRSS will involve interactive components, including a morning Coffee Chat, dialogue with a Facilitator and more!

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