SRSS 2020

This Parent Evening has been brought to you by The MEHRIT Centre as part of their Online Self-Reg Summer Symposium, on now!



Online Self-Reg Summer Sumposium 2020

An event like no other, SRSS attracts Self-Reggers from across the globe to live and learn Self-Reg together! Usually held at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, we have now moved our symposium online for the month of July in an effort to care for the health and well-being of our attendees and team.

Self-Reg offers incredible insight not only to the current times we face together, but also in our daily lives both personally and professionally. Our theme for this symposium, Self-Reg, Equity and Well-Being, is as important now as it has ever been. Self-Reg is vital for today’s children, communities and schools. 

Registration has now closed, but feel free to reach out to if you have any questions. We will be looking to repurpose much of our great SRSS content elsewhere.


Infosheet: Self-Reg for Parents

This Infosheet helps parents recognize signs of stress, discover underlying causes, learn how to implement the 5 steps of Shanker Self-Reg®, and identify next steps on the journey to nurturing happier and healthier children.

Blog: No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

by Stuart Shanker

Children have such different ways of responding to being over-stressed. Some get physically ill. Some get nervous and anxious. Some become…

What is Self-Reg?

Click here for a collection of resources for those who are new to Self-Reg or looking to refresh some of Self-Reg’s core concepts, like the 5 Steps, 5 Domains, energy and tension. 

Self-Reg Parenting Magazines

Available for purchase on our eStore or free on our Co-Reg Community, our Parenting Magazines include a great compilation of Self-Reg parenting stories, head knowledge and graphics.

Icon Self-Reg Behaviour is Communication

Behaviour is Communication Graphic

Explore the 5 Domains of Self-Reg (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social and Prosocial) and how being a stress detective can help you pinpoint “why?” and “why now?” that we are seeing unexpected behaviours.


Self-Reg Parenting Course

Gain a whole new understanding of your child’s behaviour and how to respond to it with our video-based Self-Reg Parenting Course designed to help parents apply Shanker Self-Reg® in their day-to-day parenting. Register at any time you like to take the content at your own convenience over a 6-month period.

Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Program

The Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development Certificate Program explores child development from birth to age 10 and is relevant for anyone who has or works with young children, neurodiverse children, challenging children or children with special rights or needs. Learn the core underpinnings of Self-Reg and why we truly believe that there is no such thing as a bad kid.

Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program

Our flagship Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program has been a game-changer for thousands of learners, bringing them to an entirely new understanding of what makes people tick. Join Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins as they take you deep into the science of self-regulation and stress, including the brain/body stress system, how stress affects children’s behaviour and the importance of relationships in self-regulation and learning.