Calm, Kind, Capable

Calm, Kind and Capable

A Self-Reg Reset for Educators & Caregivers

Virtual Self-Reg Summer Symposium
July 5 – 23, 2021

The live portions of SRSS have now passed, but you can catch up with all the great content anytime, sign up here.

Join Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins, the TMC Team and Self-Reggers from around the world for SRSS 2021: Calm, Kind and Capable, A Self-Reg Reset for Educators and Caregivers. Our 7th summer symposium will offer diverse virtual experiences that will not only deepen your Self-Reg knowledge, but also help you recalibrate and restore after a historic and challenging year where we had to learn to meet children’s needs (and our own) in new and unforeseen ways.

In fact, a deep focus on restoration, which is the fifth practice of Self-Reg, will be front and centre at SRSS 2021. We’ll dive deep into restoration, not just in the biological domain, but across all five domains! What does it mean to restore cognitively, or prosocially for that matter? How does restoration affect our capacity to help children grow into the calm, kind and capable friends, learners and leaders our communities need?
Join us and find out!

Gain insight and inspiration from:

  • Keynotes with Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins and Jean Clinton
  • Self-Reg talks, workshops & master classes by Self-Reggers from around the world
  • Opportunities to connect, reflect and share stories with fellow learners
  • Our signature online Self-Reg activities

Best of all, our online symposium format is so flexible! No need to travel or to be somewhere at a specific time.

SRSS 2021 will take place over a three-week period, with new content released each day. There will be opportunities to join us live for certain presentations and activities, but you will be able to access all content until August 31, 2021.

See the Program  here and the Program Snapshot here!

Self-Reg can help you be at your best for the children you teach, work with and care for in 2021/22!




Includes access to all SRSS 2021 content

until Aug 31, 2021 (extended access available)



Access to all SRSS 2021 Keynote sessions live and recorded

until Aug 31, 2021 (extended access available)



We have another great year of Keynotes, breakout sessions, master classes, Self-Reg Talks, small group discussions, activities and more planned for SRSS 2021! Take a sneak peak at our keynotes below and check out our program for more information.

SRSS 2021 Keynotes:

  • A Neural/Psychological Look At Dysregulation (In Children, Teens, Personally, Societally) with Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • The Self-Reg Pathway from Dysregulation to Restoration with Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • The Five Domains of Restoration with Dr. Stuart Shanker
  • Teaching and Parenting Strategies that Address Resilience with Dr. Jean Clinton
  • Reframing Capable with Dr. Susan Hopkins
  • Reframing Kind with Dr. Susan Hopkins
  • Reframing Calm with Dr. Susan Hopkins
  • Being Calm, Kind and Capable: The Rediscovery of “Fire” through the Self-Reg World with Dr. Gerard Costa

Check out our FREE Parent Night here.


7 Years of Self-Reg Summer Symposiums

Looking back to the summer of 2015, Dr. Susan Hopkins remembers laughing with attendees how from year 1 she was calling SRSS an annual event. Now embarking on our 7th annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium, July is a month anticipated by Self-Reggers around the world, knowing that it is a time to connect, learn and truly restore.

Explore SRSS of years past below, including copies of their programs.

SRSS 2020: Self-Reg, Equity & Well-Being

Join Stuart Shanker, Susan Hopkins, the TMC Team and our Self-Reg community from across Canada and around the world online for our 6th annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium: Self-Reg, Equity & Well-Being: VISION 2020.

Values. Inclusion. Self-Reg. Interdependent. Organic. Necessary.

Our annual symposium is an engaging and energizing Self-Reg immersion experience filled with heart, connection, inspirational learning and lots of aha moments.

The health and safety of our Self-Reg community and our TMC team are always of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve decided that, although we love seeing you face-to-face, SRSS 2020 will be a virtual symposium this year. The good news that you can still experience this fabulous opportunity to explore Self-Reg—in new and flexible ways, from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

SRSS 2020 will focus on a 20/20 VISION for equity and well-being, vital for today’s children, communities and schools. With a flexible program that can be tailored to your learning needs and priorities, presentation and workshop topics will include:

  • Keynote presentations by Dr. Stuart Shanker and the ever-popular Dr. Jean Clinton
  • Self-Reg and building a prosocial future where no child—indeed no human being—is left behind
  • Complementing the new Self-Reg Schools Handbook, workshops on each of the four Self-Reg Journeys: Seeds, Sunrise, Quilt and Havens.
  • Self-Reg in child and educator/practitioner wellness
  • Self-Reg Master Classes for educators from the early years through K-12 that will include Self-Reg and Autism, Anxiety, ADHD; Reframing
  • Restorative Self-Reg activities
  • Multiple opportunities to connect with and learn from other Self-Reggers
  • A Self-Reg Parents Session (view here)


SRSS 2019: Self-Reg, Social Justice & Democracy


Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and the TMC crew, July 8th – 11th 2019, for our 5th annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium.

Our 2019 theme is Self-Reg, Social Justice & Democracy: The Future Lies in the Hands of Self-Reg Parents, Schools, and Communities.

SRSS 2019 will focus on how Self-Reg can help sustain democracy and civil engagement, one community, one classroom, one family, one child at a time. How does excess stress affect behaviour and decision-making in organizations and communities and what can we do about it? How can Self-Reg help us raise today’s kids in ways that promote the prosocial behaviour and civic engagement that society needs?

Our symposium will include keynotes from Dr. Stuart Shanker on The Self-Reg View of Freedom, The Self-Reg View of Moral Development, and Reflecting on Four Years of Learning and Growth. Throughout the week there will also be various Self-Reg activities available, such as canoeing, yoga, nature walks, and much more. 


SRSS 2018: Reframing Resilience, Perseverance and Motivation in Children & Teens

Join us at Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario, July 9-12 for our 4th annual Summer Self-Reg Symposium (SRSS). This year we’re using the Self-Reg lens to take an in-depth look at three attributes that are key to student success: resilience, perseverance, and motivation.

SRSS 2018 offers a variety of learning opportunities, including keynotes by Dr. Shanker and Dr. Jean Clinton, and breakout sessions led by various members of the TMC team.

This year we’ve added some new features such as small group sharing and planning time, full-circle sessions at the end of each day and Self-Reg Talks: short, entertaining research talks related to Self-Reg. And, as always, SRSS builds in time for calming and energizing personal Self-Reg activities such as canoeing, yoga, nature walks, a gala dinner and our annual Self-Reg bonfire.


SRSS 2017: Bringing Down Barriers

After hearing directly from our Self-Reg community, Breaking Down Barriers became our theme for SRSS 2017, our third annual summer symposium that takes place from July 4–7 at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

SRSS 2017 will kick off with a full day of intensive Self-Reg Framework learning on the 5 steps of the Shanker Method®, great for both Self-Reg newcomers and those who want to refresh their Self-Reg knowledge or dive in deeper.

The three remaining days of the symposium will focus on breaking down barriers and exploring key areas of Self-Reg research, featuring keynotes, presentations, breakout sessions, and Masterclasses with Dr. Shanker and the TMC team.

The fourth and final day of SRSS 2017 will be the official launch of TMC’s sister, company the Self-Regulation Institute (SRI). Dr. Shanker and the SRI team will be sharing their findings for SRI’s five exciting research directions. As always, our symposium will also offer Self-Reg activities such as water sports, yoga, bike rides, and painting.


SRSS 2016: Breaking the Stress Cycle

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and the TMC crew for Self-Reg Summer Symposium 2016: Breaking the Stress Cycle.

In addition to keynote and plenary sessions, TMC will be offering certification options. Breakout sessions will include partner presentations and Self-Reg activities such as canoeing, yoga, bike rides, and painting.

Dr. Jean Clinton and Dr. Gerry Costa will be joining us again this year along with another incredible array of presenters from among our Self-Reg leaders, practitioners and researchers across Canada and internationally.

This symposium is designed for educators and Self-Reg practitioners. The material will be interdisciplinary, covering early years to post-secondary. Parents are invited to join two evening events that will be live webcasted to guardians and Self-Reg aficionados across Canada.


SRSS 2015: Towards Flourishing For All

SRSS 2015 presented a week of fascinating plenary sessions and workshops where self-regulation was explored across the lifespan and across contexts such as parenting, research, the early years, elementary and secondary education, campus life, mental health, and traumatic experiences.

We were thrilled to welcome Self-Reg enthusiasts from all over the country including Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, and New Brunswick, as well as Southern Ontario. We even had several participants from New Jersey and Chile, making our symposium an international experience. Many people came in team groups, a trend that we hope will continue at future symposia.

Our symposium offered a range of keynotes and small group sessions led by top experts and educators who offered their ideas about the foundations of self-regulation and how to create a paradigm shift around Self-Reg. They also shared their on-the-ground experiences from learning about and implementing Self-Reg practices in schools and clinical work. People’s passion and commitment to learning was evident from the questions they asked and the way they clustered around presenters like Stuart Shanker and Dr. Jean Clinton after presentations. Our program also provided participants with networking opportunities and the chance to practice self-regulation through canoe rides, yoga, and nature walks on Trent University’s beautiful grounds.