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As published in Authority Magazine, March 20 2023

by Michelle Tennant Nicholson

As part of a series in Authority Magazine about mental health champions, Dr. Stuart Shanker was interviewed by journalist Michelle Tennant Nicholson.

In the interview Stuart talks about some of his inspirations and hopes for Shanker Self-Reg®.

An excerpt:

You are currently leading an initiative that is helping to promote mental wellness. Can you tell us a bit more specifically about what you are trying to address?

There has been an explosion of mental health problems, starting prior to COVID and made considerably worse by the pandemic. We are seeing a surge of mental health problems in all ages: children, teens, adults and the elderly. Our institute is concerned with three primary issues:

  1. The high levels of stress, not just emotional, but physical, social, cognitive and prosocial.
  2. The growth of maladaptive modes of self-regulation.
  3. The decline of healthy modes of self-regulation, which arrest the stress-response and promote mental health.

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