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By Rachel Vinette

This blog was written by Rachel as part of her final project for the Self-Reg in Early Childhood Development program.

Take me to the forest,

To ease my mind.

There’s quite the storm,

Going on inside.

My heart is racing,

I want to run.

To escape the danger,

That has begun.

I scream through the trees,

No one can hear.

I feel so lonely,

No one is near.

What if they understood,

I’m not bad!

I just need help,

My thoughts are sad.

Play with me,

And you can teach me.

All I ever wanted,

Was a friend by my side.

The more you are with me,

The better I feel.

The warm breeze caressing my skin,

And sounds of leaves dancing.

My soul is healing,

My spirit is free.

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