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In a world brimming with uncertainties and challenges, the ability to bounce back from adversity is a superpower we all desire. This superpower is what we call resilience, and is a quality we all wish to instil in ourselves and our children. It’s a powerful shield against life’s inevitable challenges, but how do we nurture it? That’s where Self-Reg comes in. The Shanker Self-Reg® framework not only promotes self-regulation but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing resilience.

Understanding Resilience through a Self-Reg Lens

Resilience is often seen as an elusive quality, and something that is viewed through a lens of self-control. But the Shanker Self-Reg® view, has a different perspective. According to this approach, resilience isn’t something we either have or lack; instead, it’s a skill that can be nurtured and developed.

It’s important to remember resilience isn’t about avoiding stress or difficulties. Instead, it’s about how well we can adapt, recover, and grow when faced with life’s inevitable bumps and hurdles. Shanker Self-Reg views resilience as a dynamic interplay between stressors, which can be present in any of the 5 domains; biological, emotion, cognitive, social or prosocial and our capacity to self-regulate in response to them.

The Self-Reg Pathway to Resilience

The Shanker Self-Reg® approach, pioneered by Stuart Shanker, emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing the root causes of stressors in our lives. By asking “Why?” and “Why Now?” rather than “What’s wrong?”, we can begin unearth the underlying stressors that hinder our self-regulation and, consequently, our resilience.

Moreover, Self-Reg goes beyond surface-level fixes. It provides a toolkit of practical strategies and interventions that help individuals – from children to adults – understand their unique stress responses and learn how to self-regulate effectively. These strategies can be invaluable in fostering resilience.

Resilience Starts in Early Childhood

The Self-Reg view of resilience is particularly significant in the context of early child development. Early experiences shape the brain’s architecture, and Self-Reg provides caregivers and educators with tools to create environments that promote healthy neural connections. By teaching children to recognize and manage their stressors, the Shanker Self-Reg@ framework equips them with a lifelong skill that enhances their resilience.

A New Cohort of Enhancing Resilience in Children and Youth Starts November 9, 2023.