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“How Do I Manage Stress?” Stress seems to be everywhere these days, with an endless amount of advice, articles, blogs, diets, and medications aimed at tackling it.

But have you ever stopped to think about what stress really is? After all, how can we hope to manage something that we don’t truly understand? Is there really a secret to “managing stress”?

Join Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins as they answer these questions and more. Listen for important takeaways for those struggling with behaviours, self-control, and burnout. Stay to the end for the (not-so) secret to managing stress for yourself and others.

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Episode Quotes

“So the idea here is that stress is a function of life. We are constantly bathed in stress. And that means we are constantly burning energy glucose, to maintain homeostasis.”

“That’s a very important aspect of self-regulation. As we explained in all of our courses, this has nothing to do with self-control. The baby, a premature baby certainly is not exercising self-control. Self-regulation, is a key to well-being, to health; and as we get older; to learning, to happiness, to social engagement, and so on. So I still have a bit more science I want to talk about, but I thought maybe I should pause.”

“And that is the core message for today’s conversation about stress: we’re bombarded with all these messages today: ‘You’re overstressed, so you need to go on a holiday’. ‘You need to do meditation, do yoga’. But the lesson from the preemie research is as important today, for us, as it was for them. You need oxytocin, you need something. You need, we need, each other. We need close meaningful relationships in our life, to trigger the oxytocin when we most need it”.

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