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Do you find yourself wondering how you can get through the holidays without a meltdown? Are you wondering what could be causing all that holiday stress for you and your family?

Listen as Susan Hopkins and Dr. Stuart Shanker break down how they have been able to reduce the holiday stress. Diving into stories from their own experiences as Self-Reg parents, they introduce the 5 domains of stress and leave us with a message of hope for the new year.

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Episode Quotes

“I noticed something very puzzling with my own kids at Christmas. And that was, every single Christmas, I knew that there was going to be a blow up, there was going to be tantrums, there was going to be meltdowns. And I thought to myself, surely, we as a team, the MEHRI team, we can come up with some explanation of why this is happening and what I can do to finally have a nice Christmas.”

“All the stresses that had been going on leading up to Christmas, the stresses that they were experiencing at school around this. And it soon became clear to us that what we were looking at were multiple drains on the child’s energy.”

“It’s not that we need to know every single stressor, it’s not even possible. Stress is not the enemy here, it’s too much stress.”

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