The Steps of Shanker Self-Reg

Self-Reg for parents, photo of man and son sitting on the grass together
The Steps of Self-Reg

The Steps:

There are 5 steps in The Shanker Method of Self-Reg:

→ Reframe the behaviour

→ Recognize the stressors

→ Reduce the stress

→ Reflect: Enhance stress awareness

→ Restore energy

The Shanker Method

As this Self-Reg diagram converys, the 5 steps are not a linear sequence. Rather, there are multiple points of entry and Self-Reg can, in fact, be pursued in any order. Mastery of each step grows by working on all the others. This cyclicality is the key to how Self-Reg becomes custom-tailored to suit the distinctive stress-reactivity and needs of every individual. 

Self-Reg is designed to deal with all the ups and downs, the variations and fluctuations of daily life. Our reativity to stress is constantly changing, as indeed are the stresses themselves.

But once we immerse ourselves in Self-Reg and actually live it, our understanding of stress and our ability to manage energy flow is transformed. We become increasingly sensitive to the signs of being over-stressed and better equipped to turn negative situations into positive growth experiences. 

Dr. Stuart Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology from York University and the Founder & Visionary of The MEHRIT Centre, Ltd. Stuart has served as an advisor on early child development to government organizations across Canada and the US, and in countries around the world. Dr. Shanker also blogs for Psychology Today