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Last updated: August 25, 2017

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Self-Reg Toolkit 2017-2018

Learning to incorporate Shanker Self-Reg® into educational practice is an ongoing learning journey. Our updated 2017/18 school Toolkit includes various tools that can be used to help schools and teachers infuse Self-Reg through their day-to-day practice and assess their Self-Reg progress and learning.


As there is a learning curve associated with the effective use of our tools, we have recently introduced a tool ranking system to identify the extent of Self-Reg knowledge required to best make use of tools at each level. With this, we are only releasing high resolution copies of our Emerging tools for those who are new to Self-Reg on our website. Low resolution copies of our other tools are available on the individual tool download page.

A high resolution copy of the full toolkit will be available to all who complete our Self-Reg Foundations Certificate Program. Additionally, the full toolkit along with help videos is available on our Self-Reg Portal.

TMC additionally offers online consulting for tool use, contact for more information.