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Self-Reg Tools

On this page you will find a collection of tools and toolkits for bringing Self-Reg to your context.

Featured Self-Reg Tools

Example Stressors in the 5 Domains

Wondering where to start in your Stress Detecting? Never fear, this handy tool lists some example stressors in each of the 5 Self-Reg Domains (Biological, Emotion, Cognitive, Social & Prosocial). This is not an exhaustive list, as you will see with Version 2 coming soon!


RADAR – Reflect, Analyze, Design, Activate, Respond – guides the process of moving towards becoming a Self-Reg Haven. We designed this model to meet the challenges schools face with questions of “data” or “evidence based” decision making.

Self-Reg Portrait tool

My 5 Step Self-Reg Portrait Tool

Build a personal, student or group Self-Reg Portrait. This tool will guide you through the 5 Steps and 5 Domains of Shanker Self-Reg®. Reframe “misbehaviour”, identify and reduce your stressors, explore your mind-body connection and identify ways to proactively tackle stress.

Self-Reg School Toolkit

Self-Reg School Toolkit

2017/18 Edition 

Learning to incorporate Shanker Self-Reg® into educational practice is an ongoing learning journey. Our Self-Reg School Toolkit includes various tools that can be used to help schools and teachers infuse Self-Reg through their day-to-day practice and assess their Self-Reg progress and learning.

The MEHRIT Centre can also provide consulting or personal (non-clinical) mentoring on the use of these Tools. Email for more information and pricing.


Self-Reg Book Discussion Guide

Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (And You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life is a must-read for parents, guardians, educators & leaders looking to get to the root of behaviour and help both your child and you thrive! 

Calm, Alert & Learning Discussion Guide

Great for book clubs, professional learning, or diving deeper into your own Self-Reg Learning, the Calm, Alert & Learning Discussion Guide is a great resource based on Dr. Shanker’s 2012 book.


Self-Reg Mentoring | Now Available!

Mentoring is a new educational offering available to individuals who have completed one of our Self-Reg certificate courses (Foundations Certificate Program, Early Childhood Development or Leadership for Self-Reg Schools). Participants will have a unique, guided opportunity to increase their knowledge of Shanker Self- Reg and deepen the learning and insights gained in our online courses through one-on-one, online discussions with a knowledgeable and supportive mentor.

  • Extend the dialogue and reflection from the course you completed
  • Get support in identifying your Self-Reg learning goals
  • Explore specific areas of Self-Reg that interest you

Note that mentoring is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. Check back here soon for more details!

Self-Reg Consulting | Coming Soon!

Consulting is a special service offered to leaders of schools or organizations, and Self-Reg learning groups and/or their leaders. The initial steps in a Self-Reg initiative are exciting and energizing. But then it can be hard to know where to go next or how to get there. Our consultants will help you take your Self-Reg initiative or learning group to the next level with flexible consulting services tailored to your needs, such as

  • Personalized training/learning for teams
  • Development of evaluation frameworks and/or RADAR-based plans for Self-Reg initiatives
  • Integrating Self-Reg with existing programs, practices and policies

Note that consulting is not a clinical service and will be conducted in line with our Terms of Use. Check back here soon for more details!