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Stuart and Susan discuss an important change in Self-Reg terminology

For more than five years the Triune Brain has been a foundational concept in the scientific underpinnings of Self-Reg. That’s because this theory—or perhaps, more aptly, this metaphor—is so helpful in helping non-neuroscientists understand how deep brain processes that most folks know nothing about, have huge influences on both the way we think, behave and feel, and how our brain operates under influence of excess stress. All along, the terms blue brain, red brain and brown brain have been use metaphorically to describe the three systems of the triune brain.

Then this past summer Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins started using the term “gray brain,” instead of “brown brain.” Why? Find out in this vlog as Susan and Stuart reveal what prompted the change in terminology while offering a fresh perspective on the importance and utility of the triune metaphor.

The Triune Brain, image of the brain with the neocortex in blue, the limbic system in red and the reptilian brain in gray. Adapted from Paul MacLean's 1960's Triune Brain Model
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