Voices of Self-Reg

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The purpose of this series is to bring a sense of curiosity and wonder to the concept and practice of Self-Reg as understood by Dr. Stuart Shanker. Understanding that there are many definitions, conceptions and, perhaps, misconceptions about what Stuart means by Self-Reg, this series of conversations will attempt to map a Self-Reg landscape, explore the understandings and the tools that will help educators and parents navigate that landscape, and draw listeners into a deeper consideration of the power and the promise that a Self-Reg narrative holds for the children and adults in our homes, schools and communities.

Stephen Hurley of voicEd Radio will moderate each of the conversations with each episode being a new way into the conversation. But he will play the role of curious traveler along the landscape. It’s an authentic role as he is still one of the newest folks on the road.

We count on our weekly guests to bring their own insights, challenges and stories of their own journeys to the table. The conversations are meant to be lively, engaging but, at the same time, real and honest.

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